About me

I was five when I got my first computer and I immediately fell in love with it. It is a love affair that grows stronger by the day. I am passionate about computer programming and love every bit of it.

These days, I am working towards my Masters in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University, NY, US.

At Syracuse University, in my second semester, I am focussing on learning the art of Object Oriented Programming through the subjects Object Oriented Design in which I am using C++ while in Mobile Application Programming I am using Objective C for iOS application development, which again gives me exposure to OO programing. In the latter course, I am also learning Android Application development using Google Android(java). I plan to publish a nifty Android App by April this year. Internet programming, on the other hand, is helping me build my web development skills using jQuery, javascript, HTML and ASP.NET.

Parallel to my studies, I devout time to Indian Classical Music. I am an amateur Tabla(An Indian percussion instrument) player.