Књажевско-српски Театар
Књажевско-српски театар је позориште у Крагујевцу основано 1835. године. Knjaževsko-srpski teatar is the oldest Serbian Theatre based in City of Kragujevac, Serbia, was founded in 1835. Knjaževsko-srpski teatar est la plus ancienne de Théâtre basée à la Ville de Kragujevac, Serbie, a été fondée en 1835. Knjaževsko-srpski teatar ist das älteste serbische Theater mit dem Sitz in der Stadt Kragujevac, Serbien, gegründet 1835. Knjaževsko-srpski teatar è il più antico Teatro Serbo con sede a Città di Kragujevac, Serbia, è stata fondata nel 1835. Княжеско-сербский театр - старейший сербский театр, oснован в городе Крагуевац, в 1835 году. Knjaževsko-srpski teatar es el teatro servio más viejo fue fundado adentro 1835. Se basa adentro Kragujevac, la cuarta ciudad más grande de Serbia. Knjaževsko-Srpski teatar είναι το παλαιότερο σερβικό θέατρο ιδρύθηκε μέσα 1835. Είναι βασισμενός μέσα Kragujevac, η τέταρτη μεγαλύτερη πόλη Σερβία. Knjaževsko-srpski teatar
是最旧的塞维亚人剧院 它根据 Kragujevac第四大城市 维亚. 剧院被创办了 1835 Miloš Obrenović, 维亚的王子. 时候, 剧院被创办了, Kragujevac 首先是现代独立的资本 维亚. [نجفسكو-سربسكي] [تتر] القديمة ساحة. هو أسّست داخل [كرغجفك], المدينة رابعة كبيرة من صربيا. أسّست الساحة كان داخل 1835 ب [ميلو] [أبرنوفي], أمير صربيا. في الوقت عندما أسّست ساحة كان, مدينة [كرغجفك] كان أولى رأس مال من عضو مستقلّ حديثة صربيا.
The Theatre is constant participant of the professional competitions and the holder of collective and individual awards for its artistic creations and achievements.
On February the 15th, the Theatre day, the oldest Serbian theatre, delivers to the most eminent Serbian theatre writers, actors, directors, scenographers, composers, The Statuette of Joakim Vujic, The Ring with figure of Joakim Vujic and the Annual award of the Knjazevsko-srpski teatar. Nikola Koka Jankovic he is author of The Statuette of Joakim Vujic. He is sculptor born in 1926 in Kragujevac, since 1997 he is an associative member of SANU, Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Књажевско-српски Театар
In 1965 this theatre also initiated Meetings of professional Theatres Joakim Vujic of Serbia (in central Serbia) and they were held every year in May in one of ten different towns, until 2003. Since 2004, the Theatre became the regular host of JoakimFest and since October 2006, also of the JoakimInterFest, The International Small Scene Theatre Festival. JoakimInterFest they are members of two European organizations New European Theatre Action and World Theatre Network InterAct. Being the institution of special significance to Serbian culture and art, the Theatre endeavours to develop other activities besides showing plays. Since 2005 the Theatre started grandiose publishing business with the Journal Joakim, founded the Gallery Joakim, ordered monographies of all the winners of the Statuette of Joakim Vujic, 2009 published the first edition book Premiere, started to research and publish drama heritage of Kragujevac. Plays are shown on Stage Joakim Vujic and Stage Ljuba Tadic, Theatreteque is also active, and from February 2007, will start to work the Stage Mija Aleksic. That is the reason why Kragujevac should bear the name of Teatropolis, which was proclaimed in 2005, on the 170th anniversary of foundation of the oldest theatre in renewed Serbia. Since 2010 Knjazevsko-srpski teatar is a member of the World Theater Network Interact.

On February the 14th 2007, at the proposal of the Managing Board of the Theatre Joakim Vujic, Kragujevac City Assembly brought the decision by which the oldest Serbian theatre is being given back its original name, Knjazevsko-srpski teatar.

Official website: www.joakimvujic.com

Књажевско-српски Театар