Knitting Podcasts

Laurie and I each got ipods last year - hers is up and running, mine still in the box (I'm not so great with these new fangled technologies).  Neither of us have tried this podcast thing yet, but I'm definitely planning on it.  Once I figure out how to work my ipod.  And of course by 'I', I actually mean someone else.  And by 'figure out' I mean set the bloody thing up and then slowly, and using only very small words , show me how to work it.  Anyway, here are some podcasts I'd like to check out:

BeanCast - Knitting and spinning in NYC.


Cast On 

Craft Sanity - General crafting.

CraftLit  - For crafters who love books.

Crafty Chica  - A general crafting podcast. 

CraftyPod - A general crafting podcast. 

CrochetCast - For those of you who crochet as well as knit...

Irie Knits


Knitting News Cast

Knitting Psychos

Knitty D and the City 


Lime and Violet 


Pixie Purls

Pointy Sticks - Knitting talk and music.

Ready, Set, Knit!

Secret Knitting - Follow-along mystery knitting patterns.

Sticks & String - A podcast by "an Australian bloke who knits."

Time 2 Knit