100 Things About Me

totally random and pointless things about me...Take it as you wish

1. “Lana” is my nickname. A shortened variation of my real name. I am also known as "Lani," "knitlani" or "isis2" in the online community.

2. I was born in Wiesbaden, Germany.

3. I am an INFJ Personality. (The Protector)

4. I currently reside in Portland, OR. I love this city and the Pacific Northwest.

5. I have one younger sister and we are nothing alike, not even in looks.

6. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart, and have two daughters. Taelor is 15 and Hannah is 10 yrs old.

7. I have two cats, Pixie (age 7) and Phoebe (age 8). Both have been with me since kittens.

8. I am Pagan. A Green Witch, since Spring 1997. I am very Goddess-oriented.

9. I am a moody Cancer. (born July 9) No really, I AM moody. Technical: Sun sign is Cancer, Moon in Pisces and Aquarius ascending. I am a mess!

10. I am tattooed and have my nose pierced. Although, I recently removed my nose ring after 5 years.

11. I <3 music. My favorite is Nine Inch Nails. I have been a NIN fan since 1990, or so. I lean more towards 80's pop, new wave and 90's alternative. I do enjoy all kinds of music, depends on my mood. To name a few...Evanescence, Pixies, Pearl Jam, Goldfrapp, Disturbed, Godsmack, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Enya, Pixies, etc.

12. I am addicted to knitting. I learned in Feb. 2004 and have been going ever since. I will knit anything that tickles my fancy. I love knitting sweaters and socks the most, though. I often design my own patterns too.

13. I am all around a crafty girl. I paint Goddess art, draw and sketch, knit, crochet, cross stitch, sew, cook, write fiction, etc. I am very artsy and love to create.

14. I am a book worm. I read fast and a lot. I am partial to smutty romance novels. I also like paranormal books. I love tales of vampires, witches, ghosts, etc.

15. I am a Type 1 Diabetic. I take insulin injections 3 to 4 times per day. I was diagnosed in July 1994 and have health problems due to my illness.

16. My favorite PC game is the Sims 2.

17. I have been blogging since June of 2000, in various places. I have yet to shut up. Actually, I began at the original blogger, way before google came into the picture.

18. I taught myself HTML and CSS. I used to design graphics and blog templates. Now? I am too lazy for that. I just mess around with my own blog-codes.

19. I love having a digital camera and snapping pictures.

20. People tell me I look like Alanis Morissette, a lot. I don't see the resemblance. Maybe it's the hair?

21. I feed all of the stray animals in my neighborhood, including the raccoons and squirrels. Just call me the “crazy animal lady.”

22. I love Invader Zim. My favorite character is Gir. "Doom! Curse You!"

23. I hate reality TV, but love Rome, Grey's Anatomy, Men In Trees and Sex & The City reruns.

24. My favorite colors are Red and Purple. Black is a given...

25. My Father has his own Wikipedia page and he is a "celebrity in certain circles." He's been on television and written about in books.

26. I have long, wavy/curly brown hair and blue eyes.

27. My heritage is mostly German with some Irish-American added in for good measure. Or should I say good temper?

28. I can admit that I am plus-sized. (44-39-45) I wear size 16. More of me to love, I say.

29. I am short, only 5' 2”. I inherited my "shortness" from my Oma. She was barely 5 feet tall. I am the shortest one in my family.

30. I love all things vintage, especially vintage clothing. I love to shop at thrift stores and flea markets. My style is what I term bohemian.

31. I enjoy Egyptian and Greco-Roman mythology. (see Encyclopedia Mythica)

32. I watch a lot of Discovery channel, History channel, National Geographic channel, etc.

33. I cry easily. Sappy movies, I am guaranteed to cry. Just pass the tissues, would ya?

34. I watch all kinds of movies and often. I love comedy, epics and horror! I knit while watching movies, or my favorite tv shows.

35. My favorite foods...? Okay, I love most foods.

36. I am a good cook. I rarely use recipes and I don't measure things. I just dump it in... I am the queen of casseroles.

37. I am a klutz. I will trip over my own two feet, fall down the stairs, and set the stove on fire at random. I am not very graceful.

38. I love coffee. I cannot start my day without it. I also love decaf-peppermint tea at night.

39. I collect many things. Tea pots/tea cups, yarn, stuffed animals, books series and anything fairy. (Tinkerbell, Amy Brown, etc)

40. I suffer with seasonal allergies a lot. I am allergic to some tree pollens, cut grass, scotch broom, etc. I am also allergic to bees and watermelon. Odd, yet true.

41. I am a borderline neat freak. I like things clean, but I am not anal about it either. "Lana" backwards spells "anal." This makes me laugh.

42. I am usually referred to as the “sweet” or “cute” one. I am kind to most everyone. Although, I do have a vindictive streak when crossed. Grrrrrrr...

43. I vote. I am pretty liberal in my views.

44. My favorite vegetables...cucumbers and asparagus.

45. My favorite fruits...cherries and satsuma oranges.

46. I try to avoid sugar, being diabetic and all. However, I can be bribed into doing almost anything for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

47. I love the Pacific ocean and visiting the coast.

48. I wear bright red Birkenstocks with my wacky knit socks, often.

49. I prefer skirts and dresses over pants. It's a comfort thing.

50. I have a strange sense of fashion. Do I care if something matches? No! I wear what I like.

51. I am the rebellious one. I am usually found doing my own thing.

52. For the most part, I don't care what people think of me. I like me and that is what matters.

53. I like to write fiction and usually participate in the annual NaNoWriMo. I won in 2003 with a 52,654 word novella, titled Enchanted Moon (was published online). I am re-writing Enchanted Moon, currently. I will be writing the sequel after that.

54. My favorite holiday is Halloween/Samhain.

55. I have been told that I talk a lot.

56. I don't do well with bugs, spiders, reptiles, rodents and snakes. I will freak out!

57. I am fairly easy-going. It takes quite a lot to piss me off.

58. I hate to be told what to do.

59. I am great at giving advice...not so great with following it.

60. I am a list kinda girl. I have a daily “to-do” list. I would never get anything done otherwise.

61. I am easily distracted and bored. I flit around...a lot.

62. I am left-handed. I can crochet, knit and use a computer mouse right-handed, though.

63. I am not much for sports. I love watching soccer. Hello, hot guy alert! I also like baseball. I prefer going to a stadium to watch, rather than on TV. Go Mariners!

64. My celebrity crushes...Trent Reznor of NIN and Johnny Depp. Yummy!

65. It's not apparent on my blog, but I am very shy in person. I hate crowds.

66. I am afraid of heights.

67. I met my good friend, Elle on the internet in 2002. We met in person and hit it off instantly.

68. I have a really good memory. I retain weird information from TV, books, internet, etc.

69. I enjoy eclectic and bright home decor. I am an IKEA junkie too.

70. I rarely make my bed. I am just going to get back in it...soon.

71. I can't have clutter around my computer desk. It makes me crazy. I need a clean work environment.

72. My favorite scents are lavender and citrus. Most of my cleaning products have a citrus scent. I use lavender scented body soap.

73. I love to garden. I pretend I am good at it. I kill most plants eventually, just give it time.

74. I often use tarot cards and read my horoscope.

75. I love flowers. Pink roses are my favorite.

76. I have a weird sense of humor. I often find humor in things that others don't. I will even laugh for no reason.

77. I like to be barefoot and I often wear a silver toe ring with wacky colors of nail polish.

78. I enjoy yoga and meditation.

79. I love tattoos and plan to get more someday. I have one tattoo currently. On my back, left shoulder I have a pentacle with a cat wrapped around it.

80. I was raised fairly non-religious. So, I could choose when I was old enough.

81. I have visited Las Vegas once, back in July 2001. It's a strange place. I had fun though. Advice: never take a midnight swim in the pool after drinking too much alcohol. I barfed my guts up in the bathroom, while Hubby held my hair. Now that's love.

82. I don't drink much. I have an occasional beer or wine. It doesn't take much to get me tipsy. I am a cheap date.

83. I am a firm believer in Karma and personal responsibility for your actions.

84. I like to dance. Not that I am any good at it. It's just fun.

85. I hate doing laundry. I would rather scrub the toilet with a toothbrush.

86. My favorite season is Summer. (Summer in Oregon)

87. I rarely wear makeup. I am a clean-faced, “au natural” kinda girl.

88. I love cheese. Mmmmm...cheese!

89. I like to watch cartoons with my kids. I have a child-like side to me.

90. I don't deal well with major stress or change. I tend to run and hide. I have been known to have a panic attack occasionally too.

91. I never graduated high school. I moved out at 16 and got pregnant instead. No regrets.

92. I am a night owl and prefer the night time. I am not a morning person.

93. I tend to write like I talk. My punctuation is iffy. I am a decent speller though.

94. I grew up speaking English and German. I am out of practice with my German these days, living in the USA so long.

95. My favorite subjects in school were History and Art. I suck(ed) at Math.

96. In all honesty, I like my maiden name better than my married name.

97. I hate being cold or too hot. I get bitchy when I'm hot.

98. I wear my hair in a braid or ponytail more often than not.

99. I am not mechanically inclined. I know how to use a screwdriver...that's about it.

100. I do not like cinnamon anything. No cinnamon rolls, candy, gum. Yuck!


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Photo of Me, taken March 2007

Self Portrait, at arms length. January 2007.

Pixie, my spoiled cat.

My girls, Tae & Han, Memorial Weekend 2003. They were cute then...I know, it's an old picture, but it's one of my favorites of the girls.

Me, wearing the Vintage Girl Cloche. My pattern for this hat will be published in Stitch N' Bitch Calendar 2008, by Debbie Stoller.

One of my favorite places in Oregon. Multnomah Falls, Photo taken by me in Summer 2006.

Yes, I draw/sketch when the mood strikes. A pencil drawing I did of an angel, back in December 2000.

This is what my living room looks like when it's clean. We call the sofa the "hippy couch." The little red dots on the pillows are actually peace signs. I love IKEA!

My small kitchen in the apartment I live in currently...Look, it's clean.

A view of my dining room. Can you tell I like the color green?

Isis, my favorite goddess. This is my prized Isis statue and center piece for my altar.

 A pair of socks I knitted, recently. January 2007.

I also crochet. I crocheted this Triquetra Shawl back in 2005.

Foxglove that used to grow wild in my backyard. Tacoma, WA 2005. I now live in an apartment with a small patio.

Me, wearing a completed seamless sweater. It took me a month to knit and I used yarn from my stash. It's my favorite sweater to wear.

I do have two cats. Here is evidence. Pixie and Phoebe both sleeping, together, in my messy bed. My two cats hate each other on a good day. LOL!


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