Dining Out

  • Get a burger without the bun
  • Substitute a salad or extra veggies for the starch in the meal
  • Many restaurants have large dinner salads - I often order from that section of the menu.  Go for a vinaigrette, or if all the dressing is non-Paleo, just ask for oil and vinegar.
  • Breakfast is easy - eggs and bacon and see if they'll substitute fruit for the toast.
  • You might find dining out is more expensive when you do Paleo because you have to order real protein (meat), which will usually cost more than the pasta or pizza dish.  Just remember that higher quality nutrition does cost more.  
  • It can be hard to fill up at a restaurant because they assume you'll be eating dense carbs and won't give you the giant salad or pound of broccoli you make at home.  Just enjoy your tasty protein, eat all your fat (salad dressing, guacamole, whatever), and wait a bit after dinner.  You'll find that you're not really hungry, you're just not used to not being stuffed after a restaurant meal.  
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Paleo-friendly restaurants in Boulder
  • Mad Greens - customizable salads, generous portions
  • Salt - tasty proteins and they're great about substituting sides
  • Centro - get the flatiron steak or the red snapper, yum!
  • Walnut Cafe - has great omelets and fruit as a side
  • Mountain Sun/Southern Sun - can be tricky, but you can always get a burger no bun sub salad or their great wings
  • The Med - plenty of Paleo-legal tapas, although it's easier if you're not super strict about dairy
  • Leaf - Ha ha ha!  Just kidding.  Please, no vegetarian only restaurants, unless they serve eggs. 
  • Hoof - still just a concept, talk to me (Amy) if you have lots of money to invest in a Paleo restaurant endeavor :)
  • Feel free to add your favorites to the list, along with any specific comments