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2012-08-13 Cell Two letter to Norwegian Government

Knights Templar Norway

Representative - CELL TWO

I hereby present myself as cell two and representative of the Norwegian resistance movement. Me and my soldiers, with all respect to our people, our culture and ethnicity, will warn all supporters of multiculturalism against the war we are now deeply engaged in. No longer will we tolerate your ignorance, nor your derision of our people.

Never before have we been forced to commit this type of acts against our own people, and we will continue along this path until we succeed in waking up the Norwegian and European people from their psychosis, and undoing the brainwashing of our brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers. Everyone must know, or will get to know, what this is all about. It’s about reading the historical and political facts and gaining an understanding of our general viewpoints.

Our Commander, Anders Behring Breivik, sacrificed his life and freedom for our people and our struggle. It will be unacceptable and inequitable to us if he continues to be ignored and is declared “insane” by the unjust and corrupt apparatus that is in power. If this is to be the case, all those who died by his sword will have passed in vain.

Therefore we demand that our Commander’s plea of self-defense is accepted as well as his subsequent release. We have many plans on the table. These plans, among other things, contain the liquidation of individuals who belong to the corrupt group of elites in power, and acts of war against anyone who supports the eradication of our people and opposes our right of existence. As Breivik explained, our birth-rates are below the minimum for continued existence, and therefore we don’t have the capacity to be used as a dumping ground for the third world, as is the case today.

This is a direct attempt at genocide - thus, we have nothing to lose.

One of our cells has visited Utoya this year to investigate the AUF and Labour Party. All of them have oppressed us and our views concerning society, as ultra-nationalists and ultra-conservatives.

Therefore we were forced to live like rats from the beginning. We are invisible to you. We are the common man on the street, the cashier in the local corner-shop, your lawyer, your police officer and protector, garbage man or your doctor.

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This life was severe for us, but today we rise above you, since you don’t know who we are, what we are able to do, where we are or what information we have obtained. But I can reveal to you that our information about you is detailed and reaches far enough to harm you in many places.

This multicultural tolerance is both our burden and divide. But we won’t be silenced and we will fight until the last man standing. We render homage to our Commander for his act of self-sacrifice on Utoya last year. We will follow him, and are willing to die for our people and culture. You can’t stop us, for you don’t know who we are or where we are, nothing more than that we are among you. The time has come that we and Commander Breivik are accepted in the political landscape of Norway and Europe.

This is a warning to anyone who wishes to silence us. It is possible you don’t fully understand what this is about, but we act out of love - and what is stronger than love? Love is the strongest achievable emotion in a human being’s life. Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. We therefore warn you out of love for our people, and yes, that includes you. Don’t take our love away from us.

You can choose to ignore this letter or you can take us serious and let our Commander speak freely about our political platform and the salvation of our people and culture. Norway and Europe aren’t a dumping ground for war refugees and fortune seekers from the third world! We should be, and remain, a civilized people who wish to live in peace and who wish to pursue Norwegian and European interests and ideals.

It is now up to all of you to take responsibility and deal with the aftermath of this political reality in the days to follow, which are crucial to our people, our ethnicity, and our culture.

Thus in the name of love: Let me and our resistance-movement be given credence. Else we will begin our crusade against everyone who has opposed our cause for all these years. Perhaps you can silence some of us, but you’ll never be able to silence our ideology and conviction. We are the past. We are the present. We are the future.

I hereby include a link to YouTube, which describes our view on this war that you brought upon your own people.


We want the conservative revolution to commence at once, and that our arguments aren’t discarded out of hand. For starters we present our most important wishes and demands:

- Stop the Islamization of Norway.
- Merge church and state once again.
- Deportation of the human waste that has been dumped on Norwegian soil.
- The advancement of our own people and culture and recognition of our indigenous people.
- Prevent further race mixing and ethnic deconstruction.

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