Messages for the Feast of St. Peter & St. Paul 2015

Greetings from the Grand Chapter of  Melbourne

Dear Members of the Supreme Council, Grand Prior, Prior,
Confreres and friends of the Confraternity.

It give me a lot of pleasure to write a message on these festivities
of our Patron Saints Peter and Paul.
St. Peter and Paul were given the mission to go far and wide to
spread the word of God.
They were abused where ever they went, they were stoned,
arrested , persecuted and eventually martyred for their Lord Jesus
In our time, we are experiencing the same troubled times as our
patrons and other followers of Christ has experienced.
We as knights and Ladies of St. Peter and Paul have a
commitment to practice our mission to help the persecuted
Christians in the Middle East and Africa, by donating some money to help them in their sufferings.

This week through the Grand Chapter of Malta, we donated $900 dollars to Fr. Douglas Youssif from the
city of Erbil in Kurdish-governed north-eastern Iraq which have welcomed thousands of Christian refugees. 
The donations of $220 came from the Grand Chapter of Vienna in Austria and the rest from our Grand
Chapter of Melbourne.
I urge you honourable members to donate to the those who are suffering persecution, the poor and the sick.
You can chose where your donation is donated to. Here is our Bank Account: BSB 733092 Account No.

Your name and a statement will be posted in the Newsletter every month.
My message for you is to imitate St. Peter and Paul in your daily mission to be kind especially with people
who are suffering, the poor, the sick and the persecuted.
In the name of Jesus the Lord, I thank you for your work in the Confraternity.
God Bless you and the people you touch.
Happy feast of St. Peter and St. Paul

Peter Paul Portelli
Peter Paul Portelli


 Order of Saint John of Jerusalem
Knights Hospitaller

Under the Royal Charter and Constitution of HM King Peter II of Yugoslavia
Grand Master: HRH Prince Karl Vladimir Karadjordjevic of Yugoslavia GCSJ


23 June 2015

Mr. Peter Paul Portelli Melbourne
Gran Master of the Confraternity of the Knights of St. Peter and St. Paul,

Dear Sir,

I am delighted to be able to take this opportunity to convey to
you and your fellow confraters the most cordial greetings of
HRH Prince Karl Vladimir Karadjordjevic of Yugoslavia GCSJ,
Grand Master of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, Knights
Hospitaller for your Patronal Feast Day.
Our Grand Master was most moved by the ecumenical nature of
your Confraternity and its indefatigable charitable work: both of
which chime with the ethos of our own Order.

I am also most pleased to communicate the best wishes of the
Prior of Victoria, Chev. William (Bill) Mehan ED KCSJ. Given
our close geographical connection, our Prior expresses the hope
that we may work closely together to relieve the suffering of Christ's Poor.

Yours sincerely,

Dino De Marchi

Dino De Marchi RFD KCSJ
Assistant Secretary General
Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Hospitallers

Greeting by the Grand Chancellor
Chevalier Joe Coleiro

Greeting to all the Knights and
Dames of the Confraternity.
Recently in Melbourne, Australia
we enjoyed two major activities.
First was attendance by members
of the Confraternity at St
Patrick's Cathedral to assist with,
and take part in, the Mass
celebrating Republic Day for
Italy. The Confraternity was well
represented and took part in the
celebration, including, while
wearing the medals and Mantles,

being part of the procession at
the commencement and the conclusion of the Mass.

The Confraternity has grown internationally and in Melbourne, a multi-cultural city, the Confraternity has a
number of Knights and Dames whose origins trace to Italy and so it was an honour to support them and be
with them and the Italian community in this annual, special Mass.

Second, on 20 June the Confraternity had a dinner-dance to celebrate the feast of Saints Peter and Paul. It
was also a fund raising event, which was well attended, well run and well catered. The event was especially
enjoyable with dancing after every course that was served, with a range of music that invited persons to join
The Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Emmanuel Brincat organization for the activity, and the food, wine, music,
and venue were very good. The event ran smoothly, which created a good ambience and a very enjoyable
evening; those present consumed alcohol responsibly and everyone present can be commended on
contributing to a warm, sociable, incident free and fun atmosphere.

The activity was held at the Italia Club in Sunshine, a suburb of Melbourne. It served to bring the Knights
and Dames together, and to raise funds for a worthwhile charitable cause, namely the Royal Melbourne
Children's Hospital, Cancer Foundations, the Mission of Malindi in Kenta, etc.; such causes are the focus of
the Confraternity. In closing for this segment, I personally thank all the organizers, the Grand Master Chev.
Peter Portelli and the Master of Ceremonies Mr. Emmanuel Brincat for a great evening. Thank you also to
all who generously contributed to the charity, and to all Knights and Dames in the overseas Chapters who
continue to work tirelessly at raising funds to support the charitable causes of the Confraternity.

Finally, this brings some most current news - the Confraternity has set up a new 'Charitable Donation Bank
Account' to which donations can be sent directly; the depositor can provide details for the gift, such as to

identify the depositor. This will allow persons to send a contribution at any time from any place. The details
are: Westpac Banking Corporation. BSB 733092 Account No. 647423

Greetings by the Secretary of the Supreme Council
Chevalier Michael Meilak

 On behalf of my family and the members of the Confraternity of St Peter
and St Paul, I would like to wish everyone God’s blessings on this very special day when we celebrate the
Feast of these two great Apostles, St Peter and St Paul.  I will be visiting Malta from the 29th June for four
weeks and I intend to make contact with some of the members of the Confraternity in Malta.
God bless,
Michael Meilak

Mission of Malindi in Kenya



Your Exceellency and Members of the Supreme Council and Members of the  Confraternity of the Knights  of St Peter and Paul.

It is with great joy on the great Feast of the apostles St Peter and Paul to join you on this day.

May they continue to support you in your apostolate and work to consolidate the faith they died for.

Under the protection of Mary,

+Emanuel Barbara ofm cap

Bishop of Malindi

Grand Chapter of Vienna

 Dear Grand Master Chev. Peter Paul Portelli, dear brothers and sisters of the Supreme Council, dear brothers and sisters in the Priory of  the Confraternity.


We celebrate on June 29, 2015, the feast in honor of our patron saints, the holy Apostles Peter and Paul. This name also carries our confraternity. Peter and Paul lived in a time when Christians were persecuted and killed.


We, my dear brothers and sisters, live in such a time. Again Christians are being hunted and murdered, raped and brutality. And what does the world know what people do, they look the other way, it does not concern herself.


We should in the Confraternity and may not look the other way, on the contrary, we must support our brothers and sisters in these countries, to give them help, give them a safe home, and do not let them down. We have to convince others that it is not God's will, that this is happening.


Every day our Holy Father prays to our Lord that this killing of Christians finally stops. We agree with him, and pray to God that he will protect his flock, and the stop the killings.


I ask all of you, on this festive day to commemorates those people who  are crucified and beheaded.

Women and children who are raped and sold as if they were animals commemorates.

Keep in mind, and it cries out to the world so that others also hear it and maybe perk from their sleep.


This is my message to you.

Eure Simone Mayer with all brothers and sisters of the Grand Chapter of Vienna - Austria.


God bless you, and may he be in all your hearts.


God, according to the mysterious counsels

 your love you can share the Church

 the suffering of your Son.


Strength our brothers and sisters,

 who are persecuted because of their faith.

 Give them strength and patience, so that they

 in their affliction trust in you and

 prove itself as your witness.


Give them the strength to follow Christ

 to carry the cross and also in the Tribulation

 their Christian faith to preserve.


Message from the Chapter of British Columbia

Dear H.E. Chev. Peter Paul Portelli, Grandmaster, Supreme Council, Grand Priors, Priors and Confreres of the Confraternity.


On June 29th-2015, the Feast of our Patrons St. Peter and St. Paul, our Inaugural Investiture Ceremony of the Chapter of British Columbia will take place in Vernon, British Columbia.

We will celebrate mass at St. James Roman Catholic Church honoring our patrons St. Peter and St. Paul.

Our new Knights and Dames will take their vows and will be presented with their medals and certificates.


The Knights and Dames of the Chapter of British Columbia, the first Chapter of the Confraternity in Western Canada, are very proud to be a part of the Confraternity of the Knights of St. Peter and St. Paul.


As Prior of the Chapter of British Columbia I would like to express my sincere thanks to H.E. Chev. Peter Paul Portelli, Grand Master for all his help and guidance forming the new Chapter of British Columbia.


I also would like to thank H.E. Chev. Peter Paul Portelli, Grand Master for establishing in 1996 the Confraternity of the Knights of St. Peter and St. Paul.


I’m humbled to be a part of this fine Confraternity.


Best wishes to H.E. Chev. Peter Paul Portelli, Grand Master, Supreme Council, Grand Priors, Priors and Confreres of the Confraternity, celebrating the Feast of our Patrons of St. Peter and St. Paul.


May the Lord will shine his light on us,give us the strength to follow our patrons St. Peter and St. Paul.

Let us be strong defenders of our faith and help us to be humble servants of God.



With prayerful wishes.


Rt. Hon. Guenter A. Rieger , Prior.


Greetings from South Australia

Dear Grand Master Peter Portelli, Masters from all Nations and Masters from
I join in you prayer in the coming of the Feast of St Peter and St Paul.
Let's always be united with our families and our communities always in the
spirit and in the love of our God. Let's continue to follow the footsteps of
St Peter and St Paul and as St Paul said "it is no longer I who live but
Christ who lives in me". With grace and blessings, regards to all, Happy
Feast. Nick De Luca

Greetings from South Australia

Holy Apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Veneration of the two great Apostles, Peter and Paul, has its roots in the very foundations of the Church. They are the solid rock on which the Church is built. They are at the origin of her faith and will forever remain her protectors and her guides. To them Rome owes her true greatness, for it was under God's providential guidance that they were led to make the capital of the Empire, sanctified by their martyrdom, the center of the Christian world whence should radiate the preaching of the Gospel.

St. Peter suffered martyrdom under Nero, in A.D. 66 or 67. He was buried on the hill of the Vatican where recent excavations have revealed his tomb on the very site of the basilica of St. Peter's. St. Paul was beheaded in the via Ostia on the spot where now stands the basilica bearing his name. Down the centuries Christian people in their thousands have gone on pilgrimage to the tombs of these Apostles. In the second and third centuries the Roman Church already stood pre-eminent by reason of her apostolicity, the infallible truth of her teaching and her two great figures, Sts. Peter and Paul.

The Feast of St Peter & St Paul is celebrated in Malta at Mdina, the oldest capital city and at Nadur, Gozo

This  spectacular feasts is celebrated on June 29th. Thousands of people gather in the main streets of Gozo's biggest village, Nadur, to celebrate the feast of St Peter and St Paul in the parish church..

Official celebrations start a week before the actual feast day. Band marches and activities targeted for all sections of society make up a very busy week prior to the big day. Wherever you are in Nadur, you can notice foreign flags flying on top of private houses. The US, Canadian, Australian and British flags clearly highlight Western ties and show signs of returning immigrants. Nadur is indeed one of the most localities in Malta with a long tradition of immigration.

However, let's go back to the year 1688 when it was decreed that the east of Gozo an area comprising Nadur, Qala, Ghajnsielem, Imgarr and Comino island would become a parish. All together they had a population of around 400. The Historic shrine of the Immaculate Conception at Qala was to serve as parish church temporarily while immediately work commenced to build a bigger church on Nadur Hill which was therefore to make Nadur one of Gozo's first and proudest parishes.

The titular statue of St. Peter and St. Paul (picture above) was made in Marseilles in 1882. The Church is also endowed by wonderful frescoes, including works of Lazzarus Pisani. A beautiful painting near the main altar is attributed to the school of Mattia Preti. This Nadur Basilica also boasts of 33 stained glass windows, an onyx presbyter and a fascinating pulpit with carved bronze images.

Chev Frank Scicluna and Chev Charlie Farrugia  from South Australia wish you all a happy and holy feastday.  May Sts Peter and Paul keep protecting the Confraternity to continue its mission and be faithful to its objectives.

Chapter of Peru


 Chevalier Anthony Zammit - Prior

Greetings from the Selva of Santa Rosa in Peru.  I have had some meetings with the Knights and Dames of our small Priory and we are planning to help the Mayor in donating clothes and games to the poor of Santa Rosa as soon as the container from Gozo-Malta gets here.

From Lima. Anthony Zammit - Prior

Greetings from the Philippines

 From left: Fr. Francis Mateo OFM Conv. with H.E. Cardinal Ricardo Vidal D.D. and Grand Prior Chevalier Ramon Moreno.
The Chaplain of the Grand Chapter of the Philippines, Father Francis Mateo OFM. Conventual, extends his warm regards and will see how he can be of help being our Head Chaplain in the Main Chapter. The Cardinal  H. E. Ricardo 'Cardinal' Vidal D.D. likewise sends his warm greetings and we have been asked to meet him again later next month for his message to us and also for his formal signing into our confraternity as patron and protector.