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Super Chrono sells durable and affordable military watches


Times are getting tougher.

Tactical watches have had to become stronger to keep up with the tougher times.  It’s why you can now get tactical watches in both stainless and titanium at Super Chrono.

These watches aren’t just reliable; they’re a lot of fun to look at as well.

Super Chrono sells durable and affordable military watches that bring quality and stylish design to the world of military timepieces at affordable prices.

It comes in Stainless Steel & Titanium and this makes the KHS Platoon and KHS Platoon Titan Chrono not only extremely reliable but good looking as well.


Super Chrono sells watches that are durable and affordable.  Super Chrono's military watches bring quality, ergonomics and stylish design to the world of military timepieces.

The Platoon Titan and the Platoon Titan Chrono graph with the “SWISS MADE” place themselves far ahead of the pack. 

However the Platoons are is most likely the most reasonably-priced SWISS MADE H3 Titan. The shiny metallic gray titanium casing is extremely light and barely heavier than three CD’s yet it is considerably more stable, corrosion resist-ant and temperature resistant and does not need to be hidden during operations.

The already popular extra-long NATO band enables the watch to be carried over the jacket, overalls or neoprene suit. The clasp is typical of KHS, also available in black and titanium.

The Platoon Titan is not intended to be a diver watch but it has been tested for water resistance up to five bars so that it is truly waterproof and suitable for daily use on land, in the air or under water.

The watch also has 15 trig light gas-light lamps which ensure permanent unobtrusive lighting. Unobtrusive means that it radiates a subtle blue and orange and can be seen well by the carrier but not by the enemy.

Attention to detail is shown in the anti-allergic titanium base. It Left: Night view of the KHS Platoon. 

The H3 watch illumination system. The H3 watch lighting system illuminates about 100 times brighter than normal fluorescent compounds (such as Superluminova).

The company claims that the H3 gaslight source still has 50% of its brightness after twelve years, and 25% after 24 years. The Platoon includes the aforementioned small self-luminescent H3 gaslight sources (trigalight) from the Swiss company mb-microtec.

These H3 trigalight glass capsules are firmly embedded and need no external light source, as is the case in watches with conventional fluorescent color. url

Furthermore, no energy is required from the battery.

The prices vary between 169 and 389 Euro depending on the model and configuration.

The different models of HKS Platoon Series.

In addition to the date display, some models have a functional chronograph (stopwatch). The chronograph measures with high accuracy the expired time, intermediate stop time, and the final stop time.

The housing ring of the chronograph also features a tachymeter scale. This tachymeter scale allows you to convert a number to the stopped second, and estimates its value for to the hour.

A tachymeter can thus be used to estimate speeds (kilometers in the hour = km/h), with which a vehicle moves or a transaction takes place.

The NATO textile band is completely black and, at 35 cm long, much longer than any other NATO band from other manufacturers on the market.

K-ISOM56 has an open space for engravings of a name or blood type for example. The Platoon Titan scores functional points with its small refinements such as the red second-hand for tactical second-precise operations or the built-in titanium casing crown protection.

Furthermore the complete KHS Platoon model series meets the requirements of the US Army specification MIL-W-46374F for special forces.

Coupled with its extremely lightweight titanium casing and exceptionally good value for money, this KHS watch will certainly be used in many crisis areas as well as at our own doorstep such as for police forces, special operations and rescue forces.

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Harold Knight,
Aug 6, 2013, 2:51 PM