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Knives made by Chris Moss (Knifemaker87) 


    To jump right in, this site is basically for showing off and promoting knives that I have made, until i get something more permanent. 




All my Knife Pictures

    Well i just figured out that you can only have one page here... and uploading pictures is rather... difficult, so i am providing the link to my Webshots and my Photobucket


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About Me

    I am a young knife maker age 20 trying to make my way in the knife-making world. I started making knives about 4 years ago from old kitchen knives.  Then, through the influence of some 1700's blacksmith reenacters i was introduced to the forging of knives, and they helped me forge my first knife from a file.  From there i started taking any metal i could get my hands on and turning it into knives.  from files to lawn-mower blades to wrenches... you name it.  

About my equipment

    Who says that making knives has to be an expensive proposition?  the evolution of my equipment was as follows:

    Borrowed 6" bench grinder (free)

    4 1/2" angle grinder for stock removal ($25)

    15lb cast iron anvil (christmas!)

    Belt grinder from Norther Tool (christmas!) (normally $65)

    3lb sledge ($15)

    Forge made from a coffee can, sand, and an old hair dryer (free)

    Propane torch ($25)

    Forge for the torch made from cans and sand (free)


    ....and so it went.  if you are willing to not have the newest and best it is a rather cheap hobby.  I made my first 50 knives without paying more than $100  now... they wernt all that wonderful...(i have pictures)


    i was also doing most of the work on a table in my room... much to my mother's angst.  So i moved out to the garage.


Now i have a propane forge i bought on ebay and am currently building a new one to replace it.  I also got a 120lb anvil for free from an aquantance it is really old... but it works.

If you are Interested

    I am a member of "bladeforum" as member "Knifemaker87" and that is where I sell most of my knives but if you see one you are interested in, either if it is avalable or you are interested in me making another, please contact me at ""  and i will give you a quote.  


Thanks so much for looking!