Built in 1904, Knife Island Lighthouse is a well-loved historical landmark on Knife Island serving as front range light for Stokes Bay on the Lake Huron side of the Bruce Peninsula.  Several years ago the lighthouse was decommissioned by the Coastguard and deemed too costly to repair.  Like too many other beautiful lighthouses in recent years, Knife Island Lighthouse was scheduled to be torn down! 
Stokes Bay once had three lighthouses, and Knife Island Lighthouse is all that remains.  We want to preserve this valuable piece of our heritage for future generations to enjoy as much as we do. 
Community members petitioned to postpone and succeeded in preventing it's demolition.  Since that time, a group of dedicated volunteers has been responsible for maintaining the lighthouse with minor repairs against leaks and helping to prevent further weather damage.  Our group is a nonprofit organization called BPLA (Bruce Peninsula Lightkeepers Association).  The Coastguard has divested all responsibility for the old wooden structure and now uses a new steel light beacon for aids to navigation. 
Today, attitudes toward protecting lighthouses on the Bruce are changing and we have more opportunities for support from government and other lighthouse organizations.   With this in mind we are making a renewed push toward fundraising for the restoration project.  What didn't seem possible a few years ago is now within our reach!  We have a qualified contractor who has a plan for repairing and restoring the structure, even though its island location does make this tricky. 
 We have recently applied for funding from the Ontario Trillium Fund, which we hope will come through to help us reach our fundraising goal.  Our grant proposal has gone through first review, but we must continue our fundraising campaign to provide the total project cost.  The Trillium Foundation will only give us part of what we need, if we are accepted.   
You can read here about our progress, and see for yourself how your donation dollars are being spent.  You can also hit the like button on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Knife-Island-Lighthouse-Restoration-Project/400477716679110 and receive updates there.  Please pass this link and our facebook page along to any friends you think might be interested.  Word of mouth is always the best advertising tool!  We post regular news and pictures, so check back often. 
BPLA is composed of volunteers only, and all proceeds will be directly used toward the restoration of Knife Island Lighthouse.  We have no overhead costs, as our dedicated volunteers donate most of what we need to keep working.  So every single penny we raise goes to the restoration of Knife Island Lighthouse.  We take our responsibility to our donors very seriously. 
Please contact us for details on how you can help save our favorite navigational aid.  Donations are gladly accepted in any amount.