We have a lesson program suited for everyone! Private and group lessons are available. Children will enjoy learning the basics and playing games while they improve their skills. Children must be at least 8 years old to participate in our group lesson program. Private lessons are available for children under 8 years old. Adults can learn to ride or get a refresher in our beginning and advanced programs. All lessons include grooming and saddling the horses and safety instruction. Individuals can focus on trail riding, English or Western riding, equitation and more. We offer lessons both in the arena and on the trail.

Our lesson program is taught as a Level Program with more learning opportunities available as you progress through the levels. Students that have passed Level 1 are eligible to lease a lesson horse. 

Level 1- Skills learned in Level 1 
  •      Working safely around a horse on the ground
  •      Halter, lead, tie, groom, and tack up a horse
  •      Mounting and dismounting 
  •      Walk, trot, circle, reverse using proper leg,voice & rein aids
  •      Backing in straight line
  •      Halting a horse at a walk & trot  
  •      Introduction to trail riding

Level 2- Skills learned in Level 2
  •      Proper feeds & feeding of a horse                                                
  •      Maintenance of a horse including shoeing & stabling                
  •      Basic first aid and common horse ailments                                 
  •      Understand worming & vaccinations                                            
  •      Recognize the health condition and vital signs of a horse           
  •      Conformation and parts of a horse                                               
  •      Lope in a circle on the correct lead                                             
  •      Work over & around obstacles                                                     
  •      Walk, trot, lope & halt at a given point
  •      Post and know what diagonal is being used 
  •      Perform a half turn on the hindquarters & the forehand
  •      Understands the three turns a horse can execute 
  •      Walk & trot in a straight line
  •      Square halt from a walk & a trot
  •      Open and close a gate on horseback
  •      Worm a horse 
Level 3- Skills learned in Level 3 
  •      Put a horse on any given lead at a lope, extend the lope at a given point 
  •      Execute a stationary & flying lead change 
  •      Halt a horse from a lope
  •      Know what a correct diagonal is & be able to pick it up 
  •      Able to use correct aids to "push" a horse in & out of a circle
  •      Complete a full turn on the forehand & hindquarters 
  •      Two track a horse at a trot 
  •      Understands & demonstrates extensions & collection at all 3 gaits 
  •      Load & unload a horse from a trailer 
  •      Control a horse that is attempting to rear, buck or run away 
  •      Maneuver a horse past or over a scary obstacle 
  •      Understand how to fit a horse for showing or for sale 
  •      Present a horse at halter 
  •      Pony another horse 
  •      Properly take care of a horse on an overnight trail ride 
  •      Show a horse in a given class at a horse show 
  •      Recognize common horse conformational faults 
  •      Teach a horse to side pass 
  •      Recognize good and bad shoeing
  •      Pull a loose shoe
  •      Give a horse an intermuscular injection 
Lessons are available Monday thru Saturday. Please call Jennifer Napoli at 310-850-1286 for more information.    

Group Lesson: $35
Semi-private Lesson: $40
Private Lesson: $50
All lesson riders require an ASTM certified helmet and suitable footwear.
All lessons are bound by our Lesson Contract.

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