Open House

April 25, 2015 


Come see what we have to offer at Knicker Knob Stable

and join us for a fun filled day of horse activities


Meet our lesson director

Learn about horses

See our lesson program 

Come ride a horse for a 10 minute mini-lesson!

American families are strapped for time. Many demands often leave little room for creativity, freedom and an active lifestyle. With the convenience of digital entertainment, many families are getting caught in a computer-generated reality. 

Yet families that take time to engage in horse activities are finding priceless rewards. Connect with the horse to find the benefits of equine activities. Check out our Open House and see how a horse can bring the family together in an activity that is part work-out and part pure fun. 

Free Riding Lessons
Starting Friday, March 13, at 6pm Terry Haney will be giving a free riding lesson to our boarders. This will happen every Friday during Daylight Savings Time. Non-boarders can trailer in for lessons at $20 a lesson. Please call Terry if you are interested in participating 916-778-8651.

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