Physical and Psychological Dangers

Phone Bullying/Happy Slapping

Teasing, wedgies, swirli ng wet willies, Indian burns. These were the bullying techniques that plagued the school grounds. With the coming of new technology, new forms of violent acts are added to this most gruesome of lists. The internet gave rise to "cyber bullying," the act of sending harmful or hurtful comments through the internet. The mobile phone, too, has become the tool of bullies who seek to intimidate other kids. These bullies would send threatening messages and disturbing images to others, as well as . We all know the ending to the phrase that begins, "sticks and stones can hurt my bones, but...." However, this is not the case and these acts have traumatized the lives of teens around the world.  Makoto, a student from Japan, came close to committing suicide after incessant abusive messaesg [1].  In 2000, a 15-year-old schoolgirl committed suicide after being bombarded with anonymous phone calls [2].

Similarly, teens are engaging in another violent trend. Known as "happy slapping," teens would assault an unsuspecting person while recording this act, commonly on a mobile phone. Originiated in London, the first attacks were minor and scale and were perceived as harmless fun. However, videos began circuiting around the web inasmuch as the level of violence increased. in some cases, these attacks culminated in death [4].Sergio Rizzo, an Assistant Professor of English who studies culture, maintains that the youths are not motivated by their perversion. Rather, the medium of cell phones “‘perverts’ its users by giving them the ability to store and then replay (in the most literal sense of the word) these events, either in private or amongst friends” [6].


Teen Driving

Getting a license is a big step for many teens. The car, too, is a symbol of liberation and stepping stone to maturity. Unsurprisingly, many parents give cell phones to their driving teens solely in case of a automobile emergency. However, many teens use these phones while driving, either texting or talking. Studies have shown that this multitasking causes less acute visual sensory, sometimes making the driver four times more distracted [7]. For teens, this is especially alarming they are less experienced and generally more reckless. Many states have begun banning cell phones, but teen use has increased regardless [8].

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