Papers by Keith Miller

City Council                                                                             

    White Paper about the casino, 80 pages  open   view
    Just the chapter on the laws opposing the casino open  view
    One page letter about the laws opposing the casino  open  view
2011 Campaign Flyer  open  view
Judicial Supremacy, Marriage & Local Interposition: the last line of defense against judicial tyranny
    Two page paper or editorial  open  view
    5 minute summary of PowerPoint presentation  open  view
    100+ notes pages of PowerPoint in B&W PDF format  open  view
    100 slide color PowerPoint  open  view
Letter to Charlotte City Council about Transgender restroom issue  open  view
The Un-Separation of Church and State  open view
Faith & Family

Morning Prayers  open  view
Investment Questions I Like to Ask  open  view