WESTEST Practice

Click on the grade level and subject area.  You will then see questions, answers, and content standards for the questions on each test.  The purpose of this site is for teacher to be able to review the types of questions found on WESTEST using the whiteboard, laptop, and projector in the classroom as a station or using the laptop and projector with the whole group.


One suggestion for using the test with the whole group is to give each child two index cards and write A and B on either side of one card and C and D on either side of the second card.   When going over the questions, have the students show their answer before giving the correct answer.


A second suggestion for reading practice is to give each child a print-out of the story to hold in their hands when reviewing the questions.  You can emphasize to the students to look back in the story to find their answers.


Third                                      Fourth                                      Fifth




Third                                     Fourth                                         Fifth