Acuity Agenda

Training for the New Acuity Site

1.  Introduction to Acuity (ppt)

2.  Discussion of Plug Ins that may need to be installed (basically allowing active x controls to download)

3.  Student View (sample test)

4.  Viewing Reports (sample test)

5.  Teachers Log In

6.  Checking of classes should choose one class to work with (since all of their WVEIS classes contain the same enrollment)  and use that class to complete all subject area benchmark assessments and activities.

7.  Creating new student (***MUST HAVE WVEIS NUMBER***)

8.  Creating mini test for practice

9. Assigning mini test to class for practice

10.  Instructional Resources

11.  Ticket out the door - Teachers have printed off their student usernames and passwords to be used for their practice mini test completion.



*** Important News:  The first round of state created WESTEST 2 aligned benchmarks will be available around Nov. 1*****