General Rollout Timeline for the Acuity Platform


IMPORTANT NOTE!!  The items for grades 9 - 12 to create any type of diagnostic test should be available by Nov. 1.  The items have been created but are under review by the team selected by the state department to ensure high DOK (depth of knowledge) and strong correlation to our CSO's.



The first benchmark test should be available November 1st.  It is under final review at this time.  In addition, several users have reported receiving errors when in the CTB site and it is currently under investigation.  Thank you for reporting issues in a timely manner!


For those of you who will be conducting acuity training on the IS day...  Here is a suggested agenda...


Possible Acuity Agenda


Prior to the training, you will need to go in as administrator and create a dummy class with dummy students.  Create a mini test and print off the student logins so that your trainees can complete #3 on the agenda.