K. M. Tanvir Ahmmed's Personal Page 

I am K. M. Tanvir Ahmmed. I am  from Bangladesh, a beautiful country in South Asia.

I have a great penchant for teaching and research. And, I am enjoying this! My research interest includes, but not confined to, heat transfer, environmental pollution, surface engineering and computer aided process design.

I love to add information in English Wikipedia, which I started back in 2007. You can find my user page in Wikipedia, User: Tanvir Ahmmed. I was an active member of Bishwa Sahitya Kendra (a social educational organization) from 1996 to 2003 in my home town branch. And I worked as a voluntary member for this organization.

For more information visit my professional page.

I have created another site for word lovers! This site contains many techniques for remembering new words! The name of the site is "All About Words" .I am trying to provide some interesting  and useful links in this site.  Hope that you will enjoy it.

Thank you. Adios!

This site is under construction. Most of the pictures are taken from English Wikipedia.