Welcome to my portfolio

Kelly M. Suttles 

I am a resourceful professional experienced in GIS, data and database management, and technical writing 
with a special interest in geography, 
natural resource management, and the North Carolina 
environmental conservation community.

I designed this website to show my professional experience, coursework, and volunteer projects.

I have long had an interest in maps and geography, especially maps that show natural resources like river systems. For me examining and understanding a map is another way to explore and experience the world. I am especially drawn to the presentation and intersection of data sets and maps, because this overlap of spatial data tells a compelling story about a place in time.

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I completed my Master's degree in Natural Resources with a GIS technical option at the end of 2016 to use as a representational and analytic tool for natural resource conservation and management. 

For my thesis research I used the Soil and Water Assessment Tool to model the effects of land use and climate change on the water resources within the Yadkin River watershed in North Carolina. 

Kelly Suttles,
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Kelly Suttles,
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