Activities for KMRT - 2009

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The dates for the main roundtable meetings at the Melbourne Zoo were;

       5 March
     21 May

     19 August

     25 November


We had some Common Interest Working group activity prior to the March meeting and one of which will be a site visit to an organisation who has recently launched a wiki for collaboration.  We looked at what the technology can offer, what are the benefits and challenges to implementation are and of course sharing of learnings.

Some of the activities that we shared in 2009 

Some of the activities included the following sessions. Some of these were presented by members some by visitors to our network;

-       An interactive Panel of experienced OD practitioners on leveraging off your workforce do deliver effective change management enagement especially in IT initiatives

-      One of Australia's Icon companies will be presenting their Online learning Academy


-     We will be discussing with the members the possibility of developing Archetypes

-      Parsons Brinkerhoff (PB) invited us to do a "site visit" to see their New Share Point Intranet

-      Freehills also invited us to do a "site visit" to see their New Share Point Intranet

-        WA Water  presenting on their learnings about a knowledge transition program and toolkit

-        One of our greatest innovative organisations will present on the remarkable success they have had with the introduction of Wiki’s to facilitate              collaboration

-        We explored the emerging area of Social Business Design

_        We looked at the future of e learning and discussed the impact that the social media technology will have on that

-        Bluescope Steel shared with us their approach to minimising the risk of losing organisational memory as well as measurement of knowledge              sharing

-         We had a futurist come to share what innovations will be coming along in the wake of Web and Enterprise 2.0

-         Our common Interest Workgroups continued to explore the specific areas that are relevant to members burning business issues

-        We will also continued with our Peer Assist sessions where any of the members can tap into the collective experience  through either Rt meetings or CIWG sessions.