Members collaborate in smaller groups called Common Interest Workgroups or (CIWG's).  We have 8 of these events per year and they are designed to focus on developing outcomes to issues prioritised in the Roundtable Meetings. 

The Common Interest Working Groups (CIWG) are working in the following broad streams;

  • The Creating a culture of Knowledge Sharing Common Interest Working Group has been exploring many different activities to assist with the challenges that face our organisations. Recent activities include;
  • - International Guru David Gurteen came and conducted a Master Class on Knowledge Cafe's with us
  • - International practitioner Patrick Lambe recently worked with us around developing Archetypes from Anecdote Circles
  • - Our next session will do more specific work around which tools to identify experience and expertise within your organisation
  • The Knowledge Management Enabler - Technology group was formed to look at the learnings that the members have had around understanding Business Requirements, the types of KM Technology solutions available and how best to implement them effectively. A key tool developed by this group is the KM Enabler Vendor/Product table a snapshot of what is out there and who has used it. The CIWG Reflections and where to from here details their lastest discussions.
  • - next session for this group is to revisit the KMRt competencies question identified previously
  • - A site visit to a newly developed and launched Confluence Wiki to share learnings
  • The Workforce Planning group have developed a great front end WFP model that links to the many resources that have been shared with us around analysis, strategy development and implementation alternatives. The CIWG Reflections and where to from here details their lastest discussions. In short they will design a way to demonstrate/communicate/or enable the experience of some of the content to other members of the KMRt. They also will be completing the adaption of the content and expanding into stakeholder engagement/eductation.
  • - Recent session on the Talent Management structure and application for Nab
  • - looking to explore using Social Network Analysis to sanity check any organisational downsizing decisions
  • The Knowledge Exiting and keeping Technical knowledge team focussed on how to retain organisational memory before all those Baby Boomers or Gen Y's leave the organisation. The CIWG Reflections and where to from here page details their lastest discussions. They agreed to do more work on exploring and understanding the techniques and tools made available by the WIKI as well as the WIKI itself. Then exploring what it means to work on the organisational culture as a whole rather than just small pockets, small isolated projects. (just a small thing really :-)                                                                                                  This was translated into "we need a day to rethink, train on the WIKI, explore the beginnings of the Culture journey.