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The KMRT in New South Wales is a Knowledge Network that provides members with the opportunity to gain value by collaborating with many of Australia's top companies to identify and develop key areas of Strategic or Competitive Advantage through the optimal use of Knowledge.

This regular networking enables the establishment of relationships between Global organisations and some of our smaller domestic ones. The functions that see value in this are as diverse as our organisations.  They include CIO's, HRM's, OD, Strategy, Operations, and KM/IM/CM Practitioners. 

Members also collaborate in smaller groups called Common Interest Workgroups (CIWG's) to focus on issues identified in the Roundtable Meetings as priority to them.

For more information or to discuss Membership, please contact Marie O'Brien on 0404 090 110, or email her at

Marie O'Brien

KMRt facilitator NSW

0404 090 110