The "J" is pronounced like a "Y"


·        1 - 3 oz package sugar free red JELL-O (whatever flavor you like that's red)

·        1 - 3 oz package sugar free lime JELL-O (that's green)

·        1 small jar Musselmans applesauce

·        1 box vanilla wafers

·        1 pint whipping cream



·        Make each package of JELL-O according to the directions in separate small bowls and allow to "gel".

·        Crush enough vanilla wafers to give you about 2 cups or so of crumbs.  A Ziplock bag and wooden spoon for "pounding" do a great job.

·        Chill applesauce in the fridge while JELL-O is "gelling".

·        When JELL-O is set, place either the red or the green in the bottom of a clear glass bowl making sure you can see this layer through the sides of the bowl.

·        Sprinkle on half of the vanilla wafer crumbs so that you can see those through the glass in the bowl too.

·        Pour on half of the applesauce and spread over crumbs (again so you can see this layer through the glass on the side of the bowl).

·        Whip the cream and put half on top of the applesauce to make the next layer.

·        Repeat the layers using the other color JELL-O, then crumbs, then applesauce, then whipped cream.  The thing is, it not only tastes good but it looks pretty in the bowl.

·        If you have some colored sprinkles (like you use on cookies) you can sprinkle that on top of the whipped cream just before serving (if you sprinkle them on before serving, the color bleeds into the whipped cream).