Week 1: May 20th-24th

During this week we chose which aspect of the project we are doing and started with some of the basics. First we installed ubuntu as to run GNU Radio. Then we dowloaded GNU Radio and with it the GRC. We then made several test programs to get used to the functionality of the GRC. We were able to send signal to through the USRP. We tested which USRPs were working. Our next part is working on the algorithm and programming of blocks in the GRC.

Week 2: May 28th-31st

This week we stopped using the GRC. We looked into the Python code to figure out how it all works so we can edit and control it. The way the scripts were running was pretty confusing because I have never programmed in Python before and I am familiar with C++ and Java. But once I learned the basics I was able to figure out how to change the frequency. With a couple simple loops I was able to have the frequency hop every 10MHz back and forth through the given spectrum

Week 3: June 3rd-7th

Now that we have figured out how to change the frequency, we need to be able to read the energy levels of each frequency. We were able to find a source code that would scan a specified spectrum and output the frequency and energy level. The source code averages the energy level throughout the FFT for each frequency. So we decided to sort the energy levels using a simple list. We manually matched the energy level with the center frequency.

Week 4: June 10th-14th