Kapatiran Mandirigma, Modern Arnis Kombatan 
GGM Ernesto A. Presas Legacy Certified Schools: 

The flagship location of Kapatiran Mandirigma and Modern Arnis / Kombatan, GGM Ernesto A. Presas Legacy is in Fort Collins/Loveland, Colorado under Grandmaster Shelley Millspaugh. Modern Arnis / Kombatan Arnis (MAK) and Kalis Ilustrisimo (KIRO) from Coach Narzo Arnold are the main arts represented at this location. Please click link for information about this                        school.

The Wichita chapter of Kapatiran Mandirigma is headed by Senior Master Vincent Pernice.
We represent 
Modern Arnis / Kombatan Arnis (MAK) under GM Shelley Millspaugh.

The Florida chapter of Kapatiran Mandirigma is headed by Master Dan Lowman who has recently moved to the Fort Myers area.  We teach several Filipino and Indonesian martial arts in a small group or private setting including Modern Arnis / Kombatan (MAK) under GM Shelley Millspaugh.

The DC/MD/VA chapter of Kapatiran Mandirigma is headed by Master Jhun Occidental. We are proud to represent these 3 arts: Modern Arnis / Kombatan (MAK) & Kadena Kruzada from GM Shelley Millspaugh, Balintawak Cuentada from GM Bobby Taboada, and Kalis Ilustrisimo (KIRO) from Coach Narzo Arnold.  

The Denver chapter of Kapatiran Mandirigma is headed by Master Damon Abraham. We represent Modern Arnis / Kombatan (MAK)  from GM Shelley Millspaugh and Inti Ombak Pencak Silat from Guru Daniel Prasetya. 

Kapatiran Mandirigma of Kansas City and Spring Hill, KS.
                                        Guro Jason Sullivan, Ben Thomas and Richard Mann.  
                                        Contact Ben Thomas at  

                        Kapatiran Mandirigma Training Groups

Kapatiran Mandirigma of Ohio (North Canton area)
Guro Steve D'Aurelio.
Contact Guro Steve D'Aurelio at 

Kapatiran Mandirigma friends and affiliated schools

WORLD KOMBATAN FAMILY - Worldwide community of Kombatan practitioners

- Guru Daniel Sulestya Agung Prasetya - Fort Collins, CO 

KUNTAW KALI KRUZADA - Maestro Rich Acosta - New York City and New Jersey

- United Teachers Association for Martial Arts

Archipelago-Sandata - Online store that sells Filipino and Indonesian training gear and weapons. The only place to purchase the Kruzada training knife of Kapatiran Mandirigma.

Guru Bahati Mershant - Our good friend and mentor, Guru Bahati. Hawaii. 

Master Kurt Graham - Kombatan Master Kurt Graham's website. New Zealand

Allan Fami Martial Arts Center - Master Allan Fami. Manila, Philippines

Kalahi Custom Blades - Makers of custom swords and knives. Manila, Philippines.

Punite Waray Martial Arts - Master Oliver Garduce. Toronto, Canada.

Ermac Eskrima de Mano - Master Michael Ermac. Manila, Philippines.

Pusaka Sakti Mataram Lakutama - Ki Poleng Sudamala, Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

Kun Lun Pai - School of Keith Moffitt and Bapak Willem deThouars

Kombatan Europe - Master Tomi Harrell. Our friends in Europe.

Kombatan Australia - Grandmaster Andy Elliot. Our friends in Australia.

Visayan Arnis/Eskrima - A Visayan martial arts blog by our good friend, Master James U. Sy.

Negros Occidental Baston Federation - The Negros Arnis blog by Master James U. Sy.