2018-2019 Summer Reading

Assignments for the 2018-2019 school year have been updated.
Students in on-level English classes: Summer reading is encouraged for you so that you can keep your reading skills sharp over the summer, but it is NOT required.  Instead, you can expect to receive some sort of reward incentive if you read grade-level appropriate books this summer.  Here is a link for more information and suggested reading lists: https://www.biblionasium.com/summerreading#tab/content-popular-series

Students in honors or A.P. English classes:  Please check the links below or on the left side of this page for specific information about pre-course reading and assignments.  The early days of the semester will be spent working in more depth with these materials and selections, so please have this work done before the semester begins. 
Not sure what your next English class is?  Click the link on the left for our flow chart of courses.
If you have questions regarding summer reading, please email KMHS's English department chairs:  
        Mrs. Niki Jaquish  nicole.jaquish@cobbk12.org      
        Mr. Mike Woodall  michael.woodall@cobbk12.org