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Book Projects

Some of the books and educational booklets I have authored or contributed to over the past 15 years.

Breast Reconstruction: Know Your Options. Ardmore, PA:, 2015.

After completing an extensive new section on reconstruction for, I developed the content for this print brochure. It is primarily being distributed to nurse navigators and oncology nurses so they can share it with newly-diagnosed patients. The goal is to help women know about their reconstruction options early in treatment process so they can make the most informed decisions. The content provides a brief, high-level overview and then drives readers to for more detailed information. 

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Beyond 5 Years: A Navigator for Long-Term Survivors. New York: Young Survival Coalition, 2014.

I partnered with the Young Survival Coalition, an advocacy organization for women diagnosed with breast cancer before age 35, to create this 42-page booklet for long-term survivors. Available in digital and print formats, the piece is designed to educate women about the longer-term issues they may face as survivors--physical, emotional, and financial. Beyond 5 Years is specifically intended to be used as a companion piece to YSC's What's Next? A Young Woman's Post-Treatment Navigator, which is a guide to the first years after breast cancer treatment ends.  

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Living Beyond Breast Cancer's Understanding Treatment Decisions. Haverford, PA: Living Beyond Breast Cancer, 2009.

This 34-page pamphlet provides enough information to get women started with making treatment decisions after they first receive a breast cancer diagnosis. It explains what is meant by an individualized treatment plan and helps women understand the pathology report, genomic tests, and other results that can play a key role in choosing treatments. I worked with LBBC staff, a team of medical professionals nationwide, and a review panel of breast cancer survivors to create this piece. 

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Ovarian Cancer Risk-Reducing Surgery: A Decision-Making Resource. Philadelphia: Fox Chase Cancer Center, 2006.

Written in collaboration with world-renowned experts at the Family Risk Assessment Program at Fox Chase Cancer Center, this 140-page booklet is an educational tool for women who are genetically at high risk for ovarian cancer. It discusses the pros and cons of ovary removal and other strategies for risk reduction and early detection. The booklet also features real stories about high-risk women making those decisions, told in their own words. 

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Ovarian Cancer: Your Guide to Taking Control. Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly, 2003. Co-author: Lauren Langford.

This 468-page book covers topics ranging from diagnosis and treatment to follow-up care, emotional issues, and practical concerns. It is the most comprehensive patient guide on ovarian cancer ever published. In 2004, it earned Honorable Mention in the American Medical Writers Association Book Award Competition. I spent more than two years completing research and conducting interviews with medical professionals, cancer experts, patient advocates, and survivors to expand the four chapters my co-author had written into a full-length book.

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Human Diseases and Conditions. Ed. Neil Izenberg, MD. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 2000.

This three-volume medical encyclopedia for children was created by experts at the Nemours Center for Children's Health Media, duPont Hospital for Children. For this, my first book project ever, I contributed about a dozen articles explaining various illnesses and medical conditions in child-friendly language. A new edition was published in 2009.

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