reception details


I bought these to hold the bar menu. Becasue hard alcohol is not allowed at Hand Fahden (unless you book with Wine Valley Catering...SHHHH it's a secret I learned at our Wine Valley Catering tasting) we are having a "champange cocktail" bar. It is just going to be fruit purees added to  champange but it will be fun. We will also do italian sodas witht the purees.

Don't know where I'll use these, but I'm sure they wil come in handy!


Custom Napkins

Colors are sage green, chocolate and cream even though they don't show in the pics. Our wedding has a poetry theme, these poems are terrible poems, but they are short! There are going to be three passed hours d'oeuvres so each waiter is going to get a different colored napkin.

The one below, translated into English, reads "How beautiful is the day that is touched by love."



I needed pillows for the teahouse at HF. It seems that you can't rent pillows anywhere in the area, (at least that is what my caterer told me!), so I bought these from They were 2 for $20. The only problem is WHERE DO I PUT THEM UNTIL THE WEDDING!!!

Shadow has no idea what's going on.

There are three different colors, mostly green, some natural and a few are brown. I will be returning the "brown" pillows though, because, well, they aren"t brown! (the very top pillow)


From Classic Party rentals in Napa, rented through our caterer. I went with my FI and they made tables up for us. I got to see all the different linnens and mix and match chargers, plates, glasses and other fun details. Highly reccomended!

Scratch!Ivory Sheer eternity stripe linnens for the banquet tables in the cave. Will go on top of a plain white linnen (instead of the ivory satin seen here) to make the stripes pop. It looked beautiful, I am so excited! Because there will be so many candles in the cave we changed the linens to a darker color to absorb some of the light, instead of reflect it.

Topaz Chestnut

Here is the mock-up table at Classic Party Rentals in Napa. Seriously ladies, you have to do this, they run around the place, pulling all the table elements you can think of so that you can see how they look together. It actually looks like something in-between the two pics. My camera's flash is very harsh and they had flouresent lighting in the room.

Huge tip I learned at Classic I wanted a table runner as shown below. The lady who was helping us suggested that instead of renting "table runners" in Sassy Sheer Camel for $20.00 each (I need 15), I should rent "chair sashes" in Sassy Sheer Camel for $3.00 each. They are both the same sized piece of fabric, but the chair sashes  need to have the fold lines pressed! I am TOTALLY willing to press a few days before hand in order to save $250!

We are still keeping the gold chargers!



Escort Card Ideas

I am really hoping for manzanilla branches everywhere so when I saw AndreaYoung's escort card tree, I knew I had to have something like it! She had a gorgeous wedding.

Fom Andreayoung's married bio


We are having banquet tables in the cave and seating is def. assigned. Because dinner is in a cave the more candles I can get in there the better. This is why I like this idea...question is, would it be weird to have both the tree and the candles? (Candles would not be escort cards, they would be at each guests plate with just their names)



Our Band

Los Boleros ( out of the east bay. FI is Mexican, my family is Irish/Scottish. Los Boleros does  what I call "Chevy's music" . This way I can get everybody on the dance floor.

Listen to them: