To do: Seating map or escort cards....THAT'S IT! WOOO HOOO!

Paper DIY #1

The one of the elements that will tie the wedding together will be the use of love quotes. Some famous, some cheezy, some funny, some unknown, all quick words that sum up love. Quotes will be incorperated to the programs, our vows, and as tags at diner. Each tag has a different quote on them (over 120!) and they will be hanging on each guest's gold chivari chair.

Tag production:

Pre-made plain tags purchased at Michael's (All materials purchased at Michael's Crafts) and stamped with green ink.

blurry, sorry

After stamping, tag was run through my printer and printed with a quote in brown ink (brown being another of our colors). A brass grommet was added to tie in the gold in our color scheme. Green velvet ribbon added to hang tag on chairs.

Finished product (without the ends of the ribbon tied, and not showing the other 119 tags!!!!!)


"Paper" DIY #2

It's sort of paper...Place card votives.

SOOOO many votives!!!! They went on sale at Michael's ($4.95 for a box of 12) so I stocked up! I bought votives for the rest of the wedding as well!

Names were printed on transparent paper, then cut. I used a piece of double sided tape to stick the paper onto the votive.

TA DA!!!

Paper DIY #3 (OK, so my brother did this one)

Labels to go on the front of our progrrams, they will carry out the poetry theme. Styled after


Paper DIY#4


Instead of buying favors, we decided to pay tribute to my mother who was blind and had a guide dog, by donating to guide dogs for the blind.


First I stamped transparent buisness card sleeves in gold ink. I bought the ink pad online and it said that it would dry on vellum, but it hasn't. When I looked at the back of the actual pad, it said that it may have to be embossed on coated paper....


I wanted to have buisness cards made with thermography, but it would have costed, so I decided to DIY that also! I used Anna Griffen paper from Michaels, my printer, and a paper slicer.


Finished product will be at each guests place setting, either laying on their napkin or proped up against the stem of their wine glass.


Yet Another DIY!

Programs! We used the label from above on the front.  It's ahrd to see but the yellow looking paper is actually a shimmery metalic gold.


FLICKR directions!!!! Thanks ladies, for this fabulous idea!


Mas DIY!

Menu cards

I put all the entree choices on there so it's pretty cramped! There are three layers of paper. I bought a paper slicer and sliced, sliced, sliced, for hours. Then it took 5 HOURS for 4 of us to glue together the menu cards and assemble the programs! Phew!!!!

DIY Table Numbers

Kinda last minuite, didn't put much thought into them, but here they are...

Made it so that both sides of the table will see a number

Parasol Sign

Hans Fahden is supplying a basket with white paper umbrellas. I imagine people using the umbrellas strolling through the gardens after the ceremony as well.



OK, I did it. I wasn't becasue I didn't want it to seem like I was assuming that my wedding would be so beautiful it would bring everyone to tears, but last minute, again, I changed my mind. Almost everyone I talked to said they were going to be blubbering idiots like me so I say "HERE'S TO THE CRYERS!"



DIY Rehersal Invites

Rehersal is going to be a super casual lunch at a mexican taqueria that makes the most delicious sopes. We went there after a site visit to HF, so there's history there also.







DIY Engagement Party Invites


The pic below is a card I included with the invite, along with directions. At the party I had a apocathary jar for guests to drop the quotes into. We read them at the party and I wil incorperate tham into the wedding as poetry is a sort of "theme" we have.  The card in the picture is damaged though :(