Hans Fahden Vineyards,





If you are interested, here are some video links to Sasha Souza's website (celebrity wedding planner) of weddings she has done at Hans Fahden










Ceremony Site



Set up will be similar to picture above. My dad is building a covered structure that will stand at the "alter" and shade us from the sun as we say our vows. H.F. supplies white paper umbrellas for  guests. Another example of the covered structure below (not as deep though!)


Tea house

Guests will spend "cocktail hour" in the teahouse and wandering around the garden with the white paper umbrellas. I hope to create a lounge effect by puttin pillows on the benches, and, hopefully, a large ottoman in the center. At the very least I will have three raised cocktail tables in the center.

The Cave

Dinner is inside a wine cave. Doors to the cave are located on the side of the "great hall". The doors will be closed untill Ramiro and I open them to welcome guests to dinner. So dramatic!

H.f. provides the gold chivari chairs!

H.F. also provides the candelabras  pictured below (without the florals).

Cave is T shaped. Although H.F. provides round tables, we are having banquet tables that echo the shape of the cave as pictured above.

Empty cave

Great Hall

This was the one space that put me on the fence about choosing H.F. (for a while it was between H.F. and V. Sattui). I plan on renting piping and curtains to cover the wall witht he length of mirrors.