White peonies! I love them. My florist is also adding sprigs of lilly of the valley.

R pin for my boquet (my fingers are green from doing the moss R below. Haha!)

 Table Decor

These are the candleabras that Hand Fahden is providing. There are 12 of the shorter ones for on top of the tables and 6 larger ones for wherever I so desire.

I am going to have a continuous line row going down the tables similar to the pic below, but instead of roses it will be made out of moss. Candleabras will be "growing" out of the moss.

Scratch! My dad's fiance and I did a mock-up of the moss runner, it looked really cool, and would have looked beautiful on the ivory linens I had picked out, BUT, I decided to change the linens! The cave is dark, but there will be SO many candles, I needed to make the linens darker so that I could retain the romanic mood lighting! Brown linens just didn't do the moss justice. Instead we will fill the spaces between the candelabras with candles, vases and a mixture of flowers/petals sitting on the table (sorry, I forgot to snap a pic of that!)


Moss runner alternitive

Here is a mock-up of what I'm thinking the spaces inbetween the candelabras will look like. I added the curlywillow balls to break up the tropical feel of all those orchids! Please excues my dad's messy yard!


Trees similar to this (no stones, but flowers such as orchids srung on a string) wil be flanking the entrance to the cave.


Because my florist backed out on me, it is up to us to do the flowers. Lickaly I have a lot of talented women, familiar with floristry around me who are totally willing to help me with my crazy flower ideas.


First I tried curly willow as the "tree". The flowers are orchids. There will be 5 hanging strings of orchids that are fuller per tree.  We did it at my Dad's house becasue he had cathedral celings!

After that I tried the manzanilla branch. It blew the curly willow out of the water in my opinion! Ther will be two flanking the gazebo alter. I got so excited seing this, I got chills! Can't wait to see the completed trees as I walk down the isle on my wedding day! (Not as excited about seing my groom though!)

 Floral DIY Project #1

I had seen this on a florist's website. Becasue moss is one of my theme plants, I decided to give it a try.

Here is the before. I printed the R out on word, took it to Kinko's, they enlarged it and I used the enlargement as a template on foam. I cut out the foam and pieced them together. Then I pinned the moss to the R.

Here is the pieced R without the moss: