Drop veil will be secured by a hat pin woven between my hair and the veil.

Ordered from


I purchased these at Gilda's Bridal Touch in Santa Rosa. They are being dyed ivory to match my dress. More pics to come soon.


Post dye and monogram added to bottom. DYE TIP- if you are going to hae your shoes dyed make sure to order them big. The shrink when they are dyed!

Something Old

Below is a Edwardian (turn of the 20th century) belt I picked up at one of thoes linnen flea markets. It is ivory silk with hand embroidery. I am going to have my florist tie it around my boquet so the tassles drape down in front.

Hankie. I will need it. I picked it up at the same time as the belt. Is is probably 1920's. Not as old as the belt.


After trying on a million different dresses (I never had a "This is the one!" moment) I decided on this simple number. I bought it at House of Fashon in Sac. It will not get here untill April!!! Weeks away from the wedding!!! Sigh. I was hesitant to put these pics of myself up, but here goes.





I don't have pics right now, but here I am leaving HOF with it!! Haha! I'm a nerd! ('s for the scrapbook)

My dad and me

The dress's bustle looks like this. The picture is from HOF, it is the sample dress and the saleswoman is showing me possible bustles. I loved this one and I had the lady who is doing my alterations copy it. It looks great! I can't wait to wear it!


Kay jewelrs. We'll see how they stand up. Mine is made of prong set diamonds, even though the pics make them look pave. I think that I paid a $75 fee so that if any of the diamonds fall out they will replace for no cost.

 Garter from


DIY Underwear!!!

It's funny how impossible it is to find something as simple as plain, white underwear when you need it and are looking for it.....Finally I went back to Victoria's Secret and found there. Then I added the jewels. I don't think I am going to want ot change into something sexy that night, so I thouhg FI would get a kick out of "wifey".



I have no idea what I am going to do about jewelry. I wanted to get some big earrings and no necklace, but I have been searching EVERYWHERE and they are all either too small or too big! Here is what I have so far.

The NADRI's are big, but not that big. I am having a garden wedding and I am worried they may bee too much.

Picked these up at Macy's. They are very classic. I really wanted pearls, I don't know why, but they just dont make pearl chandelier earrings :(

I'm not sure if I want a necklace. I ordered two of these, one as shown with pearls, the other with crystals instead of pearls, from This way I can mix and match with what I have and return what I don't use.

Here is the website's image of the back




David's Bridal cap sleve dark brown dresses. I do not recommend David's Bridal. We went there because I had heard that their dresses were inexpensive. They were not any cheaper than any other bridal store and their service was terrible!


Flower Girl Dresses