Life is slippery.

Here, take my hand.

Kelly & Ramiro



Married Bio


Our trip to Rome, January 2006

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Ramiro and I met over seven years ago by chance. I was working at a fabric store, he was a customer. I gave him a hard time about being in a fabric store, buying trim, and the rest is history. Turns out the trim was for his Rennaissance Faire costume, at the time I worked "Faire" as well. I had a boyfriend at the time so he "stalked" me, even as I switched jobs to Starbucks. Four years later we were  finally able to go on our first date!


The proposal was in our backyard. We had shed a summer's worth of blood, sweat and tears remodeling our home.  He got down on one knee, under the stars and said that when he bought the house, right out of high school, he hoped it would be the house he would start a family in. He then asked if I would be the one to help him start that family.

The ring that started this whole crazy wedding planning thing!