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Monster Garage

posted Jun 24, 2010, 10:12 AM by Kit McCormick   [ updated Jun 25, 2010, 2:09 PM ]

Which tutorial(s) or research plan did you select and why?


I put together an eclectic group of resources  for Monster Garage.  I was more interested in the tutorials than the research.  Some (few) I could eliminate because I already know a little about them.  Others I glanced over quickly, and still others I explored more deeply.  I have included links to each site for my own benefit.   Some of my favorites I selected because they had lots of practical information for me:


·         LiveBinders

·         Digital Storytelling

·         Internet Searching (Beyond Google),

·         iWork Tutorials  

·         Jing

·         Edmodo


What are the most important things you learned?


I LOVE LiveBinders.  I have set up 5 already, some for me, some for my students.  Of course I haven’t had a lot of time to add to them, but it is (as everything this module) a work in progress.  I envision sharing this resource with my staff, because I think they would all be able to use it.  I posted all of my LiveBinders to my scrapbook page.

I read through digital storytelling and loved it because they had so many specific ideas that are easily accessible and span a range of abilities and time constraints.  I want to use the “Let Me Introduce You” project early in my ICT elective. 

Internet Searching (Beyond Google) had a lot of ideas that are probably too advanced for many of my students (and me).  However it offered several great tips for searching to start the year with my ICT class.  This might work well with some lessons from the Internet Detective . 

iWork Tutorials  will be a great resource for me and my students as we begin to explore the MacBooks.

I set up an Edmodo account, but I will need to put more time into thinking about how to use this in my classroom. 

How might you continue your learning of this topic(s)?


I want to spend more time exploring the following (and I saved PDFs wherever possible): 

·         Podcasting

·         pbWiki 

·         Multimedia (Making Videos on the Web)

·         Blogging

·         Google for Teachers 


What are the classroom applications of what you learned?

Lots, and I think I already covered this part of the reflection in the question about the most important things I learned.


 Did you post evidence of your learning experience in your portfolio?

I posted all my LiveBinders to my scrapbook page.  I also created a Visual CV (in progress) and posted a link to it on my scrapbook page.