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This project is 3D modelling of a human girl in her early teens.

Before we go ahead with the actual modelling snapshots, the background of the concept deems to be explained.  This project is an offspring of the roleplaying game, Chaos And Order. Chaos And Order is a high-fantasy forum based roleplaying game.  Check out the forum  where the roleplaying takes place and the blog for more details on the realm of Chaos And Order.  There was one member, Little Hikadorai, who stayed during the ups and downs of the activity in the roleplaying forums.  As a token of appreciation, I set out to create something uniquie for the player character.

I had been meddling with the likes of 3d desing and related tools lately, and this further fuelled the drive to create this model.  (Check related post on my blog, Splat!)  Hence, I feel, that I should put a disclaimer regarding the methods used here.  The method I use here is not a guideline on how a proffessional modeller pipelines his works, and is just a trial and error method of study.


Little Hikadorai - The Character

Personality: Little can be rather shy and unopen with people, but she has always been kind to all she can be. Fearful of pain and sorrow, she tries to be as optimistic as possible while she usually strays from becoming to close to people. But for those who are close to her, she is always kind, helpful, caring, sincere, and faithful and will work hard to make anyone happy.

Appearance: Little is a very pale child whose weak and cant tan easily. She has pale hair that is blue as the sky, which most of her race find peculiar. Her eyes sparkle a pale green just like the collar of her long-sleeved, worn our purple shirt. Her bottom is a dark, silk green skirt that is long, usually reaching to her ankles. She then wears white knee-highs with it and old black shoes that are amazingly kept well.

Brief history: Little was born into a land not many humans understand nowadays. She lives on her own, wandering the world and stalked by the presence of her deceased mother. She is a peculiar one, for she had no father and has no idea where she can find her currently nine-year-old sister. She doesn't recall most of her past though she remembers some things from when she was merely four years old. All she knows is this is her life now. The past was kind but dank, the present is dark, and the future she wishes to be bright. She is a follower of Fate, and loyal may she be, she has no idea of what his wishes are completely at this time.

... read more on the forum.

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