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What are these Mahesh Bhat's Google Pages

These pages is a journal on the things ventured online by Mahesh Bhat K.  It revolves around Designing, Programming (Computers and Technology), Arts (Computer/Photography/Traditional) and World Building (Rolepalying, Play-By-Post forums) and some more assorted stuff.

The contents here form the source of the pipe line.  Down this pipe line is a blog Splat! and a article site WiseTome.com. A lot of information are put here, but in titbits.  A review is done and out of the select few, the work goes into few posts in the blog, Splat!  If there are enough posts on a particular topic, an artilce is put up at WiseTome.com that is quite stable.   (Ofcourse, there are other sources of article for that site).

Sometimes, there would be a topic that would deserve pages amoung these Google Pages itself, and then it would be create.  Project Little pages is the first of such a case.

How were these pages created?

These pages were created using the Google Page Creator, a product of Google Labs.  It is a online WYSIWYG HTML editor that handles most of the styling and other stuff, and one does not need to know much about HTML coding to set up these pages.

You may check some of the Google Page Creator Tips at Phil's Google Pages: Tutorials & FAQ.  Another page with few good Google Tips are at Regac's Google Pages