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I have moved on to my own domain now.  See my personal pages at


OK.  Finally I did it.  I was anticipating as to when I would tip over and do it.  And I did it.  I have moved the blog I had at BlogCharm, to the webhost where I have  So, go ahead and comment at the new Splat -


Wow.  It was quite a time I had on the cyberspace lately.  I had put up this Random Name Generator for the Chaos And Order Roleplaying Forum, and it seems to be getting a lot of visits from people searching for random name generators in Google and MSN search engines.  I even suspect that it is the reason for increase in my Adsense revenue by a little bit - of course, as of now, my Adsense revenue itself is too small. 

And another note is that I would be taking the Grade 2 exam for Guitar Practicals on 31st of October.  I seem to have finally done decently in the recent mock exam.  With respect to this, having the intention of sharing knowledge, I have put up an article at WiseTome (Western Classical Music Basics).   Please do check it out and leave your comments.

Another update is that I have been publishing Newsletters under the banner of WiseTome.  You can visit and subsribe for it (the second box on the right side).  You may check out the pervious issues at: Previous Issues of WiseTome Newsletter


I have been so much involved in working on the Chaos And Order Roleplaying Forum that I almost overlooked the reminder mail from NaNoWriMo.  I had been there last year, and had missed participating in it.  This time around, I hope I can find time out of my hetic schedule to participate there.

Official NaNoWriMo 2006 Participant


I have been a bit away from the internet for quite a while.  That is because I was a bit busy at my work place, and last weekend I went on a extended-weekend vacation.

I have nothing much to show other than an obscure mention of pages on Rubik's Cube, that I happened to have stumbled across.  There are even pages on algorithms to be used to solve the cube, like this one.


A long time since I blogged.  Hence I thought, I should complete the SQL Basics Primer series I am running at my blog, Splat!

Here are the links to all the four parts of the primer:


Splat! - My blog on quite similar topics as these pages but more effort has gone into each post.

Universe of Star Wars - A blog I started with a friend.

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eSanctum - Living the Binary Dream - I have not yet figured out the focus of this blog, but it does look promising; with little work it would turn out to be a good informative blog.