Longs of Fannin


Long Creek Falls - Fannin County, Georgia

From North Carolina to the North Georgia mountains in the mid 1800's, LONGs were making new homes, lives and family.

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James1 Long was born Abt. 1760, and died 1842 in McDowall County, N.C..  He married Delilah ? 1793. They had the following children:


Peter2 Long, born Abt. 1793 in Burke County,

 N.C.; died Unknown in ?.

James Jr. Long, born Abt. 1800.

William Henry Long, born Abt. 1802 in N.C.; died

 1863 in Tennessee.

Levi Long, born 1801; died 1886.

George Long, born 1808.

Female 1 Long.

Female 2 Long.

Female 3 Long.

Female 4 Long.


Peter2 Long married Nancy Mashburn Unknown in ?, daughter of Drury Mashburn and Elizabeth Morgan.  She was born Abt. 1792. They had the following children:


Drury3 Long, born 1810 in Morganton,N.C.; died

 May 17, 1877 in Newport, Georgia.

Peter Long II, born May 1825; died 1900.

William Henry Long, born 1835 in Burke County     N.C.; died in Boaz, Alabama.

James Long, born 1830.


Drury3 Long married Margaret Peggy Garrett Unknown in ?, daughter of Joseph Garrett and Sarah Stroud.  She was born February 01, 1808 in Morganton,N.C., and died September 05, 1881 in Newport, Georgia. They had the following children:


Peter A.4 Long, born December 1837 in N.C.; died

 May 09, 1884.

Joseph Crayton Long, born November 15, 1839 in

 Burke County, N.C.; died June 29, 1905 in Fannin

 County, Georgia.

William G. Long, born 1844 in N.C.; died June 27,


George Washington4 Long, born February 20,

 1845 in Union County, Georgia; died April 29,

 1930 in Dial, Georgia.

Margaret Long, born 1849 in Georgia; died January

 17, 1938 in Georgia.

Drury Jr. (Robert) Long, born August 20, 1856 in

 Georgia; died April 18, 1947 in Gordon County,


Shadwick Long, born 1861.


George Washington4 Long married Harriett (Hattie) E. Swaney December 15, 1892 in BlueRidge, Georgia, daughter of Stephen Swaney and Sarah Brumelow.  She was born May 24, 1870 in Georgia, and died October 25, 1964 in Ellijay, Georgia. They had the following children:


Eugene Clifford5 Long, born September 25, 1893 in

 Dial, Georgia;  died  September14,1967 in Calhoun, 


Floyd Thurston Long, born May 05, 1896 in Dial,

 Georgia; died January 14, 1967 -Talking Rock, Ga

Nettie Daisy Long, born August 24, 1898 in Dial,

 Georgia; died March 01, 1978 in Blue Ridge, GA

Tamer Long, born March 24, 1900 in Dial, Georgia;

 died April 04, 1928 in Dial, Ga

Paul Long, born June 30, 1901;

 died January 07, 1902 in Dial, GA

Lewis Simon Long, born October 12, 1903 in Dial

 Georgia; died March 30, 1952 in Atlanta, GA

Dock Long, born November 11, 1905 in Dial, GA

 died March 03, 1906 in Dial, GA

Roy Blufford Long, born February 05, 1908 in Dial,

 Georgia; died February 14, 1967 in  Dalton, GA

Blaine5Long,born December 11, 1910 in Dial,

  Georgia; died August 17, 2003 in Morganton,



Blaine5 Long married Caroline Trophie Weaver June 15, 1937 in Blue Ridge, Georgia, daughter of William Wesley Weaver and Nancy Jane Champion.  She was born May 28, 1919 in Gilmer County, Georgia, and died December 29, 1998 in Ringgold, Ga. They had the following children:


Esther Ruth6 Long, born March 21, 1938 in Dial,


Helen Joyce Long, born October 19, 1939 in Dial,


Doyle5 Clifford Long, born January 11, 1942 in

 Dial, Georgia.

Vera Ann Long, born March 26, 1947 in Dalton, GA

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