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(Only for IE) For Help on using Venpund see bottom of page.(First the page has to be saved to your Desktop, if you are getting error online.)

Hopefully google API has a server side version for this. Pls tell me if such a API is present.If not be sure to congratulate me.(at my blog)

Have Fun!!

How to use it ?

If you have ever tried finding a name for a new 'thingumy' you will know the difficulty of finding new words. The problem is still bigger if you want a name that is not present in google. Venpund hopes to solve that problem. If you have a list of words, and you want to know whether they appear in google results. Put those words one after the other (one word in one line) in the topmost box. Click on the Find words button. All those words that dont have results associated with them in google will appear in the botton box.

If you get an error message "host is busy or denied service", you need to save the file to your desktop and then open the file on the desktop to use Venpund. 

Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge this does not cause any problems. But, i am not responsible for any direct or indirect harm caused by venpund.