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If you dont know what NHTML is please visit  before proceeding further. Here is the result google coughed up when i gave the query "base pad" on November 18th 2006. Take a a look at itbefore you can look at the same page after NHTML is used to possiblly make it more user friendly.

The same page if it utilised NHTML would look something like this.(very incomplete-i need to implement all these points and make it for all the results) Let me list out the changes that i have incorporated in the modified page.

  • Results that come from the same url are not displayed as separate results, rather they are shown as part of the heading itself. The idea is to have all the pages from that particular url which give a positive result for a particular query as characters of the heading. To know what is the brief content of each of these pages, a mouse over balloon will show the description. 
  •  If the number of pages with search query is very few or nill in a particular url, it would be possible to have different occurrences of the same query shown with a desription of the place in the page where it occurs, thus we know in what context that word has been used.
  • A separate line should get included in the search results, to possibly replace the "cached" link. Rather than showing how the website looked on the day on which the website was crawled, which would be very much similar to what it is now in case of some sites, it would be beneficial to have the pages that make up the web site displayed as links using NHTML--the user gets to know what is the overall content of the entire web site even before visiting it.
  • Along the lines of "similar" the  results page can have a NHTML sentence that describes the type of website it is. Since the words that describe the website type will have keywords specific to that type of website, it is possible to easily use NHTML to provide links to them.
  • Many new features can be added to the search result page using NHTML, such as showing word queries that are most popularly used along with that set of words. For example if somebody searches for the phrase "computer program", he can be shown a list of most popular queries with either one of these words as its part.These again can be NHTML linked to the search results.