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This page hopes to explain how to use NHTML. Here is an example NHTML line

  T h e  i n fluenza  v i rus  c a uses  f l u.  

If you are wondering why each character is linked individually, here goes--the first character of each word opens up a link to a tag (Google in this example) with that word. The second character is linked to a tag with that word and the next. The third character is linked to the three consecutive words. The characters are spaced apart as browsers will combine all these together into a single link to the last link if space is removed. Please note that words that are not adjacent to each other can also be tagged together. This can be done by putting the words that you want to tag together in an order and generating the klogged code for that.

What is the use?--in a normal tagging situation, the tags for this sentence would have been 'virus' and 'influenza'. So if you where to click on virus you could be taken to a page about computer virus. And clicking on influenza will not have the same effect as clicking on influenza virus. So NHTML is a possible solution to tagging groups of words.  

"NHTML" stands for Numerous HTML or numerous hyperlinks. Although this method described above seems to sufficient, it is also possible to do it using many methods. I have listed a few that I felt are fun

  1. CSS numerous links: In this method Cascading style sheets are used to provide numerous hyperlinks. One way of doing that would be to use underlining. Take a look at the picture to understand what i mean. The underlines can be clicked to selectively open a link to those tags.
  2. Mouse over: You can have script to detect mouse over on each word and show a balloon with tags that combine with this particular tag. This seems to be a more appealing prospect for NHTML.
  3. Browser support: The browser can itself be modified to support NHTML tags. A NHTML tag would look something like this "<main tag><First word tag>first word</First word tag><Second word tag>Second word</Second word tag> and so on.......</main tag>"
  4. Image Based: Small image icons can be used to demark numerous tags together. Even mouse over can be combined with this to highlight different sets of tags when the mouse is placed on the first, second, third character etc..
  5. Miscellaneous: This includes many different methods of providing numerous links, such as mouse pointer split, tag selection click, etc...(to many to make a list of)

Some applications of NHTML 

  • Search engine results can incorporate NHTML. I  just took the results from google and used NHTML to show the benefits. It would be more useful if more links could be seen from the result. The google page with NHTML is here.
  • Multiple tagging with tree like relationship between tags.I have put up an example here.
  • A multi click example is also put up. You can add words to the search box by clicking on it.
  • The applications for NHTML seem many and diverse.