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What's a klog?

Klog is short form for "Link log". In simple its a log of the links you have. It may either be your Del.icio.us tags or your own Google customized search engine. It is different from a simple link log in that it is not listed separately as list of links but it links in from words appearing on your site/blog. You can "Klog" your site content using the klogtools available on this site or use the Google modules.

The Klog Flowchart:

Log your links

Klog it with klog tools

Get money

Klogging compared(tell me corrections)



Auto link

Smart tag

Muliple tagging

Grease Monkey






Browser supportNot needed at presentRequires toolbarOnly IENot neededOnly firefox
Who can modify where to link toBoth the user and the publisherMostly GoogleMostly MicrosoftPublisher onlyUser only
DisablingPossible(Requires browser support)PossiblePossibleNot possiblePossible
DownloadingNot requiredTool bar needs to be downloadedonly for IENot requiredRequired