M  Y      I  N  D  I  A

                         By Claude Renault 


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 Free-lance photographer fom Brittany, I love to travel, nowadays mostly to India, the country I am really in love with...A special place, a second country to me.
I won't travel just for a nice landscape or an historical monument, but for what makes a country : the people. I'll try to show India the way I see it, nothing dramatic, nothing eye catching or spectacular : my India... I would just love to share what fascinates me there, a certain way of life well preserved and not often shown by the media in the Western World. I like to take pictures in a certain way. I don't like to have perspective in my shots, whenever it's possible. I love colourful, flat pictures, always with people in them...




 Some of my images can be bought through Agefotostock.       



 An exhibition I had in England last year            


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