Woodcock-Johnson III Achievement

Woodcock-Johnson III Achievement is available from preschool thru high school.  This evaluation is an individually administered and is available in four versions.

Individually administered tests like the WJIII give you more than a great individual academic profile.  Because the evaluation is administered in a one-on-one situation, the administrator is able to add valuable observational information. 

Each evaluation provides you with a written profile that will impress anyone who is questioning your educational process.  Each session includes a parent educator consultation immediately following the evaluation.

The four versions are:

The Core Battery evaluates the student in reading, writing and math.  This evaluation produces a very nice student profile that will give you valuable information about your child's basic academic achievement.  This version of the WJIII is the most popular for small children and children who are reading a little or not at all.  Schedule time is 1.5 hours

It is a quick and easy way for parents to determine if their child is at grade level in basic academic skills and allows the parents to document their child's progress in a professional and effective way.     

The Standard Battery evaluates the student in reading, writing math, understanding directions, recall, recall-delay and writing samples. The additional evaluates give you valuable information about your child's individual learning style and mental processing style.  Schedule time is 2.5 hours.   

The Core & Extended Battery evaluates the core skills of reading, writing and mathematics and the advance skills of science, social studies and advance grammar and writing skills.  This form is especially helpful when the learner is in junior high or high school and looking to graduate as a home schooler.  These evaluates can be used to determine proficiency levels of the student and can help the parent educator create a high school transcript that truly reflect the learners level of mastery in all areas of academics.  Schedule time is 3 hours. 

The Extended Battery evaluates the student in reading, writing math, understanding directions, recall, recall-delay, writing samples, word attack, picture vocabulary, and oral comprehension, editing, vocabulary, quantitative concepts, science, social studied, humanities and grammar.  This version produces the most comprehensive and impressive student profile available.   Schedule time is 5hrs.

Each parent educator and each learner is unique and the evaluation desired and need will vary.  If you are uncertain of which version would be the best for your child, please call or email and I will be happy to help.

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Please call or email with any questions you may have.

Note: These services do not offer diagnoses or treatment for any type of mental illness.

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