Klezmer Shpil Orchestra 


The Klezmer Shpil Orchestra by Berl Portnoy (Israel) was founded in 1991 in Petrozavodsk (Russia). Between 1992 and 1995 the orchestra traveled intensely, appearing at numerous festivals and concerts in Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway.In 1993 the Klezmer Shpil's first solo CD was produced and marketed in Finland. 
The orchestra's second recording was produced in Sweden in 1995.
In 1996 the orchestra re-located to Petach Tiqva (Israel), where it soon became a well-recognized feature of the local klezmer scene. Today the Klezmer Shpil Orchestra is known 
not only in Israel but also around the world. It boasts multiple appearances at concerts, events, and other Jewish music venues. The Klezmer Shpil Orchestra promotes traditional Klezmer music, Yiddish folksongs and the songs of the Yiddish theater.It features a number of the world-renown vocalists,including 
Lena Yaralova and Gera Sandler,Cantor Pavel Roytman (Chicago,USA),Yoni Eilat,Vira Lozinsky,Adi Arad,Israel Stage OrchestraiSamuel Heilman and the Rayfer Sisters. 

  Berl Portnoy - Violin ,Composer,Arranger 

  Yakov Zilberman - Clarinet

  Igor Okun - Trombone 

  Konstantin Eidelkind - Double Bass 

  Vlad Plotnikov - Piano, Trumpet 

  Oleg Sosnov - Drums

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