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Cat tents for your furry friends in fabric's to match your decor!

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The best cat tents sold on the web!

 These tents are handmade with three layers to keep you furry friend warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.. The outside of the tents come in many fabric choices to match both your pets personality as well as your decor...... The middle layer is made from soft batting to keep the tent warm in the winter, cool in the summer. The inside layer is soft coordinating flannel. Each tent comes complete with a matching, soft, thick mattress made of soft flannel and stuffed with 6 layers of batting.  Purrr comfort!

Many cat tents use wooden poles that can snap easily. My tents come with fiberglass poles with are much stronger and durable. The tents can be picked up and moved easily from room to room with no chance of poles falling out. Tents can be machine washed/line dried. Mattress's can be Machine washed/Machine dried over and over again.

So many color's and fabric designs to choose from! There's The Cool Cat Collection, The Country Check Collection, The Toile Collection, Pretty in Pink Collection, Tabby Stripe Collection and so much more! Visit Karens Kats today to see all the choices available.

Tents are available in both  17" or 19" sizes.

Visit Karens Kats for prices and purchase information. Tents are mailed within 48 hours of order/payment.

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