Koncept Learning Center

What Participants Says...












On 3 weeks "Distillery Awareness Program"
".... your presentation is one of the most important I ever had..."
Mr. Juan Carlos
Distilery Manager
South America
On 2 Days "Technical Development Program"
"It will really help us for analyzing any problem technically & also get better understanding of handling shop floor operations"
Mr. V. Rajesh Patel
Phamaceutical Company
On One Day "Energy Awareness Program"
"Training included good energy awareness topics which are helpful. This seminar will positively help me in my future & I will try to put it in action"
Mr. Nishant Ghosalkar
Chemical Engineer
Chemical Manufacturing Industry
On 60 hours "Training Program for Fresh GETs"
"This type of program is must for better & practical understanding"
Mr. Darshan Agrawal
Fresh Chemical Engineer
Distillery Turnkey Supplier
On 100 hours "Equipment & Piping Training Program"
"Program was good for Mechanical Engineer entering in to process related field..."
Mr. Mandar V. Kardekar
Fresh Mechanical Engineer
On One Day "Management Development Program"
"Program is very good one. It can be helpful for organization developement, cost control & personal life too..."
Mr. Bande Deepak M.
Pharmaceutical Industry