K. Lance Kelly 

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Seeking a career in nanotechnology in industry or academia, in Europe, Japan, or the United States.

What I offer your company

  • technical nanotechnology background
  • fluid ability to convey and communicate
  • experience in Asia
  • My best case scenario company
  • Green energy, for example emerging tech PV
  • Small, growing company or start-up venture
  • Dynamic and fast-paced environment 
  • Example positions, or mixture thereof
  • Scientist
    • Research and Development
    • Scientific modeling and computation
  • Technical consultant
    • Communication and listening for team progress
    • Nanotech expertise
    • Feasibility-, reliability-, and profit-based brainstorming
  • International marketing, sales, and support
    • Japan business strategy
    • Mixed-nationality work teams



  • Actively seeking tenure-track position starting Fall 2009
  • Complete application materials (Teaching & Research statements, academic CV) available upon request


Outline of work history & bio

Project Research Staff (Postdoc)
JSPS Postdoc with Koichi Yamashita
Postdoc for John C Tully,
Yale University
Ph.D., Chemistry, Northwestern U
advisors: George C Schatz and
BS, Chemistry, Texas A&M U.

US citizen, 33yrs, single, relocate anywhere


Jan 2002

May 1996