The Children’s Museum of Klamath Falls (CMKF) is a non-profit organization located in Klamath Falls, Oregon, which offers valuable learning experiences to the youth of Klamath County.  Although CMKF has been established for years it is still in the initial growth stage and the growth of CMKF relies primarily on the donations, of both time and money, from the community.
 Although the museum’s exhibit area is loaded with displays and activities, the Director of CMKF, Krista Crone has expressed that not all of the exhibits are functional and/or meet the needs of the museum.  Additionally Miss Krista, as she refers to herself, would like the ability to rotate exhibits into and out of the museum. 
Recognizing the needs of CMKF and the requirements of Oregon Institute of Technology’s Design Project class, Professor David Culler saw the opportunity to assist CMKF, satisfy student requirements, and promote science and engineering.

This teams project is to design, construct and install a Roman Arch style wooden block Puzzle(s) and peripheral information regarding their mechanics, use, and history.


 Brief History 
ÒAn arch is a structure that spans a space while supporting weight
ÒArches appeared as early as the 2nd millennium BC
ÒAncient Romans who were the first to apply the technique to a wide range of structures,such as aqueducts, entryways, buildings, bridges and tunnels.
ÒArches continued to be used in Medieval times, especially in cathedrals, where they helped support the great weight of the stone ceilings
ÒToday, arches are common in architecture because of the stylistic and engineering benefits they offer.

Technical Aspect

The arch is significant because, in theory at least, it provides a structure which eliminates tensile stresses in spanning an open space. All the forces are resolved into compressive stresses. This is useful because several of the available building materials such as stone, cast iron and concrete can strongly resist compression but are very weak when tension, shear or torsional stress is applied to them.



Parts and Pieces of the Arch


1. Keystone                5. Intrados
2. Voussoir                6. Rise
3. Extrados                7. Clear span
4. Impost                   8. Abutment
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