Wonderland No More

Savage Adventures in the Worlds of Alice

A leafy, sun dappled, forest glade; a white rabbit, clad in a bright blue waistcoat, hops through. Pausing for breath and to sniff the air being wafted by a gentle breeze, the rabbit looks about. "By my whiskers and waistcoat, they are late, very late indeed, he mutters to himself, "Hurry, oh please…" The staccato rattle of an automatic rifle interrupts the rabbit causing him to seemingly dance maniacally on the spot as flowers of bright scarlet appear on his waistcoat.

"Damn, it's just a white rabbit," snarls the Six of Clubs as he kicks over the blood soaked body, "not THE white rabbit. Move out troops, keep searching."

Nearby in another glade, one not so brightly lit, something raises its snout to the air and scents the blood nearby. Huge paws begin to move silently through the woods…

All is not well in Wonderland, Alice has been and gone and now Interesting Times have come. Have your heroes got what it takes to decide the fate of two worlds?



Wonderland No More is a role playing setting and campaign for the Savage Worlds game system. It is based upon two books by Lewis Carroll involving the adventures of a young girl, named Alice, in a pair of somewhat surreal worlds.


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